Thursday, June 30, 2011

10 Thing I am Thinking about Thursday

It is Thursday and for some reason there seems to be a lot on my I thought why not share at least 10 of these things this Thursday through a here goes!
1. How excited I am to see Craig. It has been 5 days since I have seen my guy. I have been out of town for a conference returned last night, and he had to leave to go for a meeting out of town last night.
I miss this guy!!
2. What I need to start bringing on my trip to Costa Rica, Craig and I leave in a week and a pumped and excited!!
3. How sore I will be from today's workout. I tried the arms/shoulders workout from p90x. Overall the workout was not that difficult, but I have a feeling I will still be sore..there were some moves I have never done before.
4. If I should run a 5 miler tomorrow or shoot for a 6...I know just one mile but it can make a difference, my legs were to sore from p90x yoga to run today...I know YOGA!
5. This killer heat wave coming through Omaha/Blair, today and tomorrow near 100 degrees...hello pool!
6. Today is our last day of summer school...a whole 3 weeks away from kids until I start summer camp for a week...hmmm I probably should have taken more time off this summer but I need the money.
7. We take Cooper in to get neutered next week :( I hope he is okay and recovered by the end of the week, we are taking him off to my parents while we are in Costa Rica.
8. How much I am looking forward to a great weekend on the lake with Craig, friends and Cooper to celebrate the 4th.
9. Weather or not to take a full week off from working out when on vacation. I know my body can use it, but I also know the hotel probably has a sweet gym...I mean if it has got seven bars....
10. How I am going to keep myself busy for the next three hours of this day. Since this is our last day of summer school, we are here till 2 and all my work is it might just be!!
So as you can see I have a lot on my mind, but most of it is quite exciting and not very stressful.
In other news I am really taking a liking to this yoga thing. Yesterday I took a break from the gym and opted for a light walk with Cooper. I attempted some p90x yoga and really enjoyed it, but I won't lie it became pretty hard. I only made it through the first 35 minutes and my legs were shaking. I stopped due to the fact that it was defeating the whole purpose of me having a rest day.
After yoga I put together a new routine incorporating running/p90x/ and Insanity...a little bit of everything you might say. I might get a good run at it starting next week, but after that I am planning on taking a break during my vaca and then I will start it out when I return. Here is the rundown:
Monday: 3-4 mile easy run, p90x arms/shoulders
Tuesday: Insanity pylo along with cardio abs
Wednesday: Rest or p90x yoga
Thursday: 3-4 mile easy run or elliptical, p90x chest and back
Friday: Kenpo X or Cardio Max plus cardio abs
Saturday: 5-6 mile run
Sunday: 0ff
As you can see from my plans I am allowing myself to rest days. I was a little worried about adding in the runs alongside of a p90x workout, but I was fine today starting my workout with a 40 minute cardio session followed by the arms and shoulders workout. Now keep in mind I am using 8-10 pound dumbbells with these dvds so it is not overly intense. I am super excited to start this new routine...mainly because I can keep my endurance up to around 5-6 miles, work on some lifting and also incorporate some circut cardio with Insanity.
What are your thoughts on my new workout plan, too much??
What are you thinking of this Thursday??


  1. DO what feels right on vaca. I enjoy running in new places but others don't. Make sure to take stuff so you have the option!

  2. I love running on vacation. It let's me explore while still getting a good workout. Good job with the p90x workout stuff! I hear the yoga is the toughest part (this coming from my brother) so awesome job~!

  3. That is a crazy work out schedule - I wish I had that kind of discipline!

    You should definitely take a rest week on vaca with a plan like that. :)

  4. costa rica is soooo amazing you are going to have a wonderful time!!

    I think P90X and running can definitely work togehter as long as you are listening to your body

  5. costa rica???????? so jealous! that sounds amazing!!!! I think your workout looks really awesome...there is a lot of variety which I am also trying to do in my own workouts these days!

  6. Looks like a hardcore workout plan you've got there! I'm in the middle of the Insanity 60 day plan and can already tell a difference which is pretty cool. I didn't realize how much I'd miss running because of it, but at this point I can't just quit, so I might add running in and go hardcore too.. We'll see!

  7. AS far as working out goes, like someone said above: do what feels right. However, um, Costa Rica beach... would take advantage of that for some yoga... and maybe a run! Niiiice scenery. lol

    Your workout plan looks great! Enjoy your vacation :)

  8. I always enjoy working out on vacation, it makes me happy and more relaxed and then I can enjoy my time even more....but I totally understand taking a break from it since you're going to be in paradise and probably won't have time to exercise!

  9. omg super jealous of your vacation - it's gonna be awesome! I would try to just go with the flow on the working out. For me though, such a beautiful place wouldn't be complete without a run...or a run every day haha. :)

  10. I miss my husband and can't wait to see him in a couple of weeks!!

    Wow! I don't know if I could work with kids all summer long as well!