Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What I Ate Wednesday!!

I love reading everyones blogs when it is "What I Ate Wednesday," so I am going to try my hardest to stay on the bandwagon. The only downfall is I pretty much eat the same during the week, creature of habit. During the weekend I have more of a tendency of eating out and enjoying different meals...I need to get better taking pictures of those meals. Anyways here are some pics of just a few things I ate today... Pita Bread with cottage cheese and strawberry jam (I love this combination)
Huge grilled chicken salad with tomatoes, onions and bbq sauce

Another grilled chicken salad only this time topped with blueberries and almonds

My big bowl of oats, blueberries, yogurt, protein powder and peanut butter...I love oat mush!

Some pita bread alongside cottage cheese topped with Cinnamon

I am working to get rid of an endless pit of blueberries I bought from Costco about a week ago. I am about 3/4s through them....I have been putting them in cottage cheese, oats, protein shakes, and of course salads. I love fruity salads in the summer time!!

Yesterday I took up my 2nd Insanity Video...Pure Cardio and Cardio Abs. The workout was not as hard as the Pylo I did last week, and I am happy to say it did not leave me unable to walk this week. I really am taking a liking to the high paced workouts...but my concern is my form is horrible on most of the moves and sometimes I wonder if I am really getting a benefit from it because some of the moves I can't even attempt even when I try. I guess as long as my heart rate is up and I am breaking a sweat, workout should be considered good.

Today I had planned on hitting my other gym in town to get a good spin workout in...but I chickened out. I know something about going to a new workout class...changing my routine...causes me to stress...once again I am a creature of habit. Also, going to the other gym in my town means paying $7 to enter...I don't have a membership there so I would have to pay. Craig thinks paying for 2 memberships is just to much...which I agree somewhat. Anyways, I hit up my gym for a 3 mile run on the TM followed by 20 minute cycle and some light ab work.

After teaching summer school I enjoyed my time at the pool for a few hours and came home to take care of sick Craig (he had a huge migraine which lead to him being very sick) and taking Cooper out on an hour walk. It was the perfect day for a walk, a light 80 degrees with a little breeze! I wore his little legs out!!

Is tomorrow Thursday already...wowsa!! Have a great night!

Are you a creature of habit? If so, how do you break your habits??

Have you ever considered joining 2 gyms?

I love my gym because it is open 24 hours, so that means that I can go at 4:30 in the morning before work. The only downfall is that it does not have all the equipment or classes the other gym in my town has. I would join the other gym but it does not open until 5:00 in the morning, and that does not give me enough time before work to complete a good workout...


  1. can't say I ever have considered that. but cottage cheese and cinnamon? I've gotta give this a try

  2. I hope your man feels better!!! I am definitely a creature of habit. I usually have the same thing for lunch every day and choose my dinner from like 5-6 different things. I like it though. I only belong to one gym and definitely wouldn't pay for two but I am lucky enough that my gym is 24 hours and has classes.

  3. I'm totally a creature of habit too which is why I rarely post my food

  4. your salad looks super delicious!!!! YUM! jealous of your daily pool time. I am hoping to get in pool time as much as possible this summer! I have never considered joining 2 gyms but it definitely makes sense if they do not have all the equipment you would want to use!

  5. happy i found ur bloggy girl! i also gotta say that i've never tried the cottage cheese/jam combo but i'm gonna have to give it a shot because i LUV cottage cheese and eat it every day. i laughed because i'm notorious at eating the same things day in and day out, i go through phases and eat something i really like until i get burned out then move onto my next thing. :)

    so in answer to your question, yes i'm a big creature of habit. i also am hoping that those stupid flood waters stay at bay and you guys are okay and don't get hit with any water damage!!

    keep on getting ur sweat on, i think as long as u do ur best and put in the effort u'll def get a great workout in! looking forward to ready more! :)

  6. cottage cheese and jam on toast, why didn't I think of that?! that looks delicious!

  7. Your food looks great! I'm such a creature of habit--I like the same foods at the same times every day. I'm working on mixing it up a little though.
    I don't know about 2 gyms for me---it could get expensive!

  8. I am a member of two gyms! Well, I work at one so they give me a free membership and the other I signed a year long contract with before I got my new job... So I guess it is not by choice lol
    But for your reasons it sounds pretty legit to have a membership to both!