Tuesday, June 7, 2011


This weekend, I met another one of Craig's friends girlfriends who happens to be a spin instructor. This girl had an AMAZING body. I couldn't help but asking her what her secret was. She told me variety. Lots of pylo work and different workout routines to always keep her body guessing. I started thinking about my workouts lately. I have Incorporated some new lifting routines, but my cardio is always the same. Run on Monday/Tuesday, Wednesday cycle, Thursday run, Friday elliptical and Saturday run. Don't get me wrong I love running and the endorphin high, but since I am not really training for anything specific I might as well enjoy a little spice in my workouts. So I took up the Insanity workout challenge today, yes it is INSANE!
I did do some research on this program the past few nights and discovered that a lot of endurance runners incorporate some of the Insanity videos into their workouts to help with speed and agility. So I figured it would give me a shot. Well it kicked my rear into gear. I completed the 45 minute Plyo workout. The DVD consisted of Mountain Climbers, Squat Jumps, Jumping Jacks, Push Ups and many more high intense cardio moves. I did like how every 10 minutes or so there would be a water break for about 30 seconds. Also, half way through the video there is a short stretching session.
Yes, this was an awesome workout, but parts of it was just to hard and almost impossible for me to accomplish. Really, I was on my knees thinking "are you kidding me??" I do think if I continue this, it will get a little easier so I think that I might be sticking with it. The only downfall is being sore, I am laying on the couch with swollen legs as I type. What do I expect for jazzing up my workout? I figure I might add in this Pylo workout plus the Extreme Cardio workout once a week into my routine. The other days I can focus more on cycling, running, and some light weight lifting.

Running in place with High Knee Kicks

Killer Push Ups repeated numerous times during the DVD

Jump Squat into a Push-up

Mountain Climbers

Tuesday's Workout: Insanity Plyometric DVD, 10 minute cool down on bike 200 reps of various ab exercises

Question: Do you ever feel the need to jazz up your workout?

What have been some of your ideas to change your workout routine?


  1. I always feel like I'm stuck in a rut, workout wise. But since running is my love, I just mix up my running workouts instead. I'd like to try one of these insanity type workouts just to see how hard they are! I did P90x once and nearly died!

  2. wow! you are awesome for taking on this workout! sounds so intense! I really can see the benefits though. this summer my goal is definitely to switch up my workouts more and CHALLENGE myself! thanks for sharing about these workouts :) have a wonderful night!