Thursday, June 16, 2011

Another Summer Day

I can officially say that I am a proud owner of my '08 Jetta. After countless hours in car dealerships, the best option was to break my lease and buy my car out. I really have no complaints. My car is in excellent condition, and only has 38,000 miles on it. Plus, by taking out this car loan my payments will be $100 less a month. After signing my loan for the day I needed to de-stress so I turned to...the pool! Since I was in Omaha for the afternoon, I went to my friends house who owns a pool as well as a tanning bed. She has let me use both whenever for years. Enjoying the hot summer sun
After some swimming, I needed to refuel so I jumped right into my chocolate protein cookies while I drove. I then realized that I really wished I had a cup of cold milk to go with these cookies.

When I arrived home this little burger was waiting for me eagerly for a walk. My legs are super tired today and need some rest for my 6 mile run tomorrow so we went for a short 10 minute walk outside.

Came home and enjoyed another grilled chicken salad with roasted grilled veggies!

I am a little disappointed, the forecast calls for rain tomorrow morning and I was really looking forward to getting outdoors to complete my 6 mile run. I am hoping it will hold off until I get my run over.
Tomorrow is Friday...and since it is my first officially free Friday this summer...that means GARAGE SALES with my Mom.

Where do you go to de-stress?

Summer I head to the pool or go for a long walk with the puppy. In the winter I like to go and get a hot cup of coffee and have a chat with my Mom or take a nice warm bath.


  1. love your pup! too cute :) And I LOVE garage and my dad used to ALWAYS go to them together!!!

    So jealous again of your pool day. I definitely need Monday to be a pool day so I hope the weather cooperates! Good luck on your run tomorrow!

  2. Oh pool day, lovely! I'm in the middle of three nightshifts, then off to the beach on Saturday, can't wait.

  3. Coffee and chatting with mom is my go to relaxer too. I agree with the cookies and milk. Great combo.

  4. Hey girl! I just stumbled upon your blog and think its great! I am in school right now for my masters in elementary education, so I hope to be teaching soon!