Monday, June 27, 2011

Salads and Vitamin Water

What a day! If you have ever spent 8 hours closed up in a FREEZING hotel room with over 100 teachers listening to what kids should or should not be taught, I do not recommend it...unless you want to be bald by the end of the day from pulling all your hair out. Remember though, I am getting paid 150 bucks a day to sit on my butt so I really should not complain. Last night I had a horrible nights sleep. One it was pouring down rain, two I was not in my own bed, and three I was homesick. Yes...homesick! Really, it has only been 1 day away from Cooper and Craig and I could already cry because I miss them so much. I managed to get a few good hours of sleep this morning when my alarm blasted at 5:00am. I hit up the hotel gym for a good sweat. Something just was not in me this morning, I was almost sick to my stomach throughout the entire workout. When I got back to my room, I was just all out of sorts...just did not feel right. I woke up Sunday feeling this way too, I am thinking I caught a little bug and my body is slowly fighting it off. Bring on the Vitamin Water!!! I do have to give my body a little bit of credit though, I have gone through a car accident, a 6 mile hard run, and then worked out again for over an hour this morning off of very little sleep...
My Hotel
I have enjoyed some huge take out salads the past two nights. Tonight I opted for a salad bar and bought some salmon lox to top it off with pita bread

Last night I walked down the street to Panara and enjoyed their Asian Chicken Salad with pita bread on the side.
I know I am crazy, I have all the choices in the world to eat and I choose salads. I just love adding different proteins in them and also they fill me up. Tomorrow I have another LONG day of meetings. Depending on how I feel, I am going to try to hit the gym up again in the morning. I would love to say I am out experiencing Lincoln, but I am kind of on my own here. Most of the other teachers are alot older than me, and there is no one from my District here. I have done some walking around the downtown area, but Lincoln is not very new to me...Craig and I always seem to be down here during Husker football season to tailgate.
I am going to finish stalking other blogs for the next few hours and enjoy the Bachelorette, Ash just kicked off Bentley, way to go girl!!
Have you ever dated a bad boy like Bentley?
Back in my early days of dating I always seemed to fall for the bad guys, don't know why they just attracted me. Craig is total opposite of a bad boy, but I could never be happier!!
What do you think of going to different gyms?
The machines at this hotel are so much older than the ones at my gym, they were actually more of a workout because it took more force to move them lol!!


  1. ahhhhh! so glad to hear that Bentley is GONE. it is about to start here and I CANNOT WAIT. I LOVE panera and their salads are SO definitely a good choice :) Hope you get to feeling better soon and can enjoy the rest of your trip!

  2. I HAAAATTE BEntley! i hate watching the bachelor but i cant stop watching!! its so sad! LOOVE salads! Made a huge one today!!! I think I am going to start doing a work out log on my blog like you.. I really like the idea, to keep me accountable and see what i did each day, and be able to look back a bit easier! lovve your blog and good job on your race!!

  3. Bentley sounds like a major sleeze, although I've never watched the show. I could never marry someone like that, you could never trust them.
    Lucky you for finding such a keeping like Craig!

  4. I enjoy going to different gyms!!! I love people watching in them!

  5. Hotel gyms are definitely a hit or miss. Sometimes I get lucky and it's super nice and then sometimes they are super old and just gross. I'm a salad girl when I go out too. I just love the variety in them! Plus they fill me up!

  6. I got to run on the *neatest* treadmill at the Gaylord Hotel the other day... it had GAMES!! Seriously, I started off my run playing Solitaire, Mah-Jong, Connect 4... finally as I got towards the end of my run I was too exhasperated (sp??) to focus on both the games and running but it was definitely a fun idea.

    Also I LOVE LOX!!! But, I'm super picky, and only love the Wild Atlantic Lox from Costco haha