All About Chels

Hello fellow bloggers!  My name is Chelsea and I am from the Mid-West.  I am an avid gym member as well as an elementary school teacher, 3rd grade.  I have had some trouble in my life with "balance." I tend to have the personality of do all or don't do it at all.  I am trying to balance my life with working out, faith,  teaching, being in a relationship, and keeping great friends in my life.  
My favorite thing to do is eat!  Usually when I do I love to choose healthy high protein foods and tend to eat smaller more frequent meals rather then huge meals.  I have a passion for fitness, and still have a desire to become a personal trainer.  I love the world of being healthy and working towards a goal. I am a retired long distance running, for my personality took me to the extremes of running 90 miles a week and my poor body could no longer take it as it got hit hard with Mono.  My mono turned into Chronic Fatigue and to this day I still have to monitor my workouts.  I feel though as if having Mono was just a sign from God to slow down with my life, and not let myself get obsessive.  Running became my life, I put it before my family and friends.  I have learned that life should not revolve around food and working out.  You put what matters first, and that is the relationships around you.
 I do have some naughty vices in my life, such as Bacardi and Diet and Wine, but come on a girl has got to live!