Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Working Through It

It has been one LONG month so far. Between my battle with my shoulder and my foot and I have surrendered to the only workout possible...pool running. To my surprise, WOW, is this a workout! The last three weeks I have been going just three times a week, at times it would still bother my ankle, the water resistance. This week I am going to try for four days a week.
When pool running I slip on an aqua belt and usually go four about five laps around the deep end side of the pool. Once those 5 laps are done, I switch it up and add some intervals of sprints and high knees. The time goes fast if I don't look at the clock and of course I have my waterproof IPOD on...by the way BEST PURCHASE EVER!
Last night I started Physical Therapy again in town and she felt my calves and immediately said they were full of knots. I have been trying my best to massage them at night and I purchased a stick which should help. She did some massage work and she is going to slowly start me off on the bike and then up to the elliptical. She is also working on exercises for my shoulder.

So yes, I have stepped back a little from blogging. It seems as when I get injured I get so discouraged that I don't want to think about working out or talk about it. I get a little depressed because my endorphin highs are being taken away from me. It has been a SLOW four weeks getting my body back into shape again. Most of all, the discouraging part is that I never actually "overtrained." This is all due to a stupid antibiotic. What can do but move on and accept it. Things could be worse. So for now, I am happy to have my pool running on my side :) I will get stronger! I have accepted that my running days are probably over for now. In the future I would like to get back to cycling/spinning and I am going to keep the pool running at least one day a week. In my opinion, pool running is a great option. No impact and you can really push yourself to the limit!
Thoughts on Pool Running?
How long have you been out due to an injury?


  1. dang friend. i can totally understand not wanting to blog during a time like this. i often have to shut myself out from social media when injured and just focus on healing and staying positive. but do know that when you are on here...we are supportive of you! i tried pool running for the first time this past january when i was out due to my knee injury. it was way harder than i anticipated and a tough workout for me for sure! i didn't have a pool i could regularly go to so i only tried it once...but honestly i think it was great and wish i would have made more of an effort to stick with it! hang in there! sending you healing thoughts!

  2. Thanks so much! I am hoping I am on the way up, I am going on two days with no pain and tomorrow I get to try the elliptical!

  3. You will get back into it! I was in a car accident and had shoulder surgery and I was out of the game for like 6 months...:( but I made it through and I know you can too!

  4. I totally understand taking a little break here and there from the blog world! Sorry to hear about the continued discomfort......I am so angry about the antibiotic/tendon issue, I think that's what happened to Tappan too :(