Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away

Ugh, for the past several days there has been so much rain.  The thunderstorms have been horrible and much of the Mid-West is flooded.  
My Saturday turned out great.  I went down to see my boyfriend in his hometown (he usually travels back there for the weekends because he has a lake house) and we had his cousins wedding to attend.  This was quite the most interesting wedding I have ever been to.  They were married on a pontoon boat and the family sat on the sand and watched.  Afterwords, we headed to the reception.  The food was very different from most wedding food.  Fruit, pulled pork, and little weenies were served.  It was a country wedding for sure.  I enjoyed a ton of fruit and a pulled pork sandwich.  After the reception we headed to a local street dance with a few of my friends.  It was one LONG night.  I think I drank enough beer for a small  family.  I usually don't drink beer but it is a street dance, they don't serve much else.  After the street dance we then went to a bonfire and made it home around 3am.  For sure, I was zonked out on the couch most of the day on Father's day.  Ah well, it was worth it.  Here are some of my eats from the past few days:

As you can see lots of spaghetti squash, roasted veggies, egg whites with ketchup, oatmeal with cottage cheese, and a nice big protein shake.  That is my favorite bed time snack.  
I had a horrible night of sleep last night, I am switching birth control pills and have noticed that around the same time each month I tend to get a little sick to my stomach and really bad night sweats.  I woke up several times last night but my stomach was growling by the time 5am hit and that is how I knew it was time to get to the gym.  
Today was legs:
Lunges with 15 pounds each hand 3x10
Leg press-50 pounds 3x12
Hip Sled-90 pounds 3x10 then one set of 8 each leg at 50 pounds
Hip Adduction machine 90 pounds 3x12
Some random lunges with 30 pound weight bar on shoulder
Ab work:  Crunches on incline bench 2x15 with 5 pound weight
Crunches each side with 10 pound weight 2x15 

Cardio:  15 minutes elliptical 
10 minute stair machine
5 min intervals on bike 

Wow, this was a great workout, my legs sure felt it afterwords.  I am excited for the afternoon, after I get done with summer school I am going to go see this new art exhibit downtown with a friend of mine and then catch a movie.  That is the best thing about summer, knowing that I have the afternoon to do whatever I please.  
I have been having a hard time lately sticking to drinking lightly on the weekends.  So many summer events seem to be springing up all over the place that each event calls for a drink.  I have limited my drinks to just Fri/Sat and have not noticed a gain in weight.  I think all my working out during the week is burning it off.  I might have to take a rest day tomorrow depending on how my legs feel.  I am horrible at taking my rest days, it is not so much exercise guilt but more that I enjoy it so much that I don't like taking rest days.  
I am quite excited for the month of July but it sure looks busy-each weekend I have something planned.  I have a fourth of July party back home with the boyfriend, the weekend after I start moving into my new place and am going to see Eric Church, the next weekend I head to San Fransisco with the boyfriend, a float trip to the Nibrara the weekend following and then finally I head off to Chicago with the girls during the last weekend of July!  Phew!!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Ready to Start the Day

Yesterday was a busy day and I was zonked by the time I came home.  For lunch me and my Mom and my Aunt went to Applebee's and I enjoyed their Grilled Island Chicken Salad.  After a short visit, we drove over to our outdoor mall Village point and went shopping.  My Mom was very generous and bought me some cute dresses.

The blue dress I picked up at J-Crew and the green dress I picked up at Ann Taylor.  We followed it off with a cute pair of flats from Target.  I love Target, they always have the cutest, cheapest accessories.  After shopping we enjoyed a great dinner outside at a little local fish place called "Shucks."  I have never been their before and it was yummy.  We had shrimp cocktail and then I had seared Ahi Tuna, my fav!!  Here are some pics of me and the family.

I tried my hardest to sleep in today, but my dang internal alarm clock woke me up at 6am again!  I laid in bed till about 6:45 and then crammed down some oats and yogurt and headed to the gym.  Sweated out a pretty good workout and came home starving and had a huge bowl of oats with protein powder, strawberries and greed yogurt.  
Annoying tid bit....there is this older guy at the gym and he always starts up a conversation with me.  I am always nice, and just thought he was being nice as well.  I was talking to him about my plans tonight, a wedding with the boyfriend when he makes a comment "Oh, so you are taken, that is a shame.  I was trying to work up my courage to ask you out."  He was serious!!  I am sorry but some people don't have common sense.  This guy is 48 years old, come on.  
Just had to rant a little, can't people just go to the gym to workout, geez!  I am so excited to get the day started.  A wedding tonight on the river along with a street dance which means good food, good booze and lots of fun!  I am very excited to see the boyfriend as well, it has been a whole week :( 

Friday, June 18, 2010

Fabulous Friday!!

Ahhh no summer school today and I have a full day planned!!  Just got back from hitting the gym.  Had a fantastic workout:
20 minute sprints on tredmill
10 minutes on elliptical 
Deadlifts 3x12 40 pounds
Hamstring lifts 3x12 40 pounds
Calf Raises 3x25 30 pounds 
Side Ab Crunches with Weights 2x15 each side 10 pounds
Hamstring lifts with cable 3x10 each leg with 25 pounds 
My workouts are so random, I usually don't keep track of what I do...just kind of do what I am feeling like and try to do around 12 sets of each at a heavy enough weight for me.  I should focus on increasing weight, but I am happy with the way I look...yes I would not mind a little bit more muscle in my upper body but I am not obsessive about it.  Therefore, the rules of lifting I really don't abide by as long as I have some tone to my body I am happy :) 
After I came home all sweaty I devoured some breakfast: 

This meal consisted of:
1/2 cup oats
3oz strawberries sliced
1 tbsp. flax meal
1/2 scoop vanilla protein powder
1 container greek yogurt

Yesterday I had some good meals.  I finished up the roast beef in my fridge and had a roast beef salad with pita bread and cottage cheese for lunch and also made a tilapia soft taco for dinner :) 

So for the rest of the day I have plans to go meet with my Aunt and Mom.  We are going to do some shopping and then also head off to have some lunch.  Later on tonight, I have plans to celebrate Father's Day with the family.  We are going  to go out and try this new fish restaurant.  I am very excited to try it out.  I love any place that serves fresh fish.  If I could eat raw fish everyday (I can't because I can't afford it) I would!!  
In other news I got a new Blackberry Curve the other day.  Very excited and loving it.  I had an old Blackberry before but did not have the internet on it.  Me and the boyfriend decided to go ahead and join the same plan to save us both money...I am loving it!  

I love having the summers off, it just gives me a chance to catch up on stuff I love to do...like read.  I have started reading a new book titled "In My Skin."  I tend to get crap from other people for the books that I choose to read.  This one is a biography of a drug addict.  I don't know why I am interested by this but I am.  Those reality shows on addiction, I can get so into them.  I think I am just amazed how some people can get themselves in such a hole and live their lives the way they live them.  I love biography literature!  Well I am off to shower and head out for the afternoon...

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Getting the Hang of Things

So I am finally starting to learn things on here, the more I play with the blog the more I learn :) Today was a perfect day. I am teaching just 11 kids in summer school, creative writing. The students are all motivated to write and love any type of school work so it makes my job easy! After summer school this afternoon I spent a nice lazy two hours at the pool reading and then I headed off to the library to look and search for some good books. I love doing things on my time.
Here are some of my eats today:

I did a horrible job taking pics today.  The meals above consist of protien powder muffin (post workout), protien pancakes, morning snack of almonds and egg whites, lunch being 60z salmon with pita bread and green beans, snack of greek yogurt, pb and protien muffin, and dinner being turkey burger with roasted veggies and spag. squash.  YUMO!  My problem is that I am such a creature of habit.  I am trying to widen my horizons and eat more creative meals, but when dinner times comes I always just go with the easiest.  My favorite staples:  
Oatmeal, yogurt, cottage cheese, any type of fish, turkey burgers, grilled chicken breast, flaxseed, nuts, egg whites, almond milk, strawberries, pumpkin, blueberries, flat out wraps, pb, and protein powder and Pure Protein Bars.  I don't eat the cleanest per say.  Weekends I usually indulge in wine or some light beer or mostly a few barcardi and diets.  I do enjoy eating out, but try to stick with healthy options.  
My workout regime usually runs about 4-5 days a week.  Lately I have been making it 6 days (bad girl) because I have had more free time.  Most people think I am crazy, but if I could work out all day I would!!  I pretty much don't follow any specific rules...just do what I enjoy.  The cardio for about 30 minutes, enough to work up a sweat and get my heart beating.  Then I add some weights, usually moderate to heavy for about 25 minutes.  My schedule goes as follows:
Monday:  Tri/Bi-cardio
Tuesday:  Legs-cardio
Wednesday-Off or light cardio with abs
Thursday:  Chest/Delts/Shoulders-Cardio
Friday-Legs (hamstrings and glutes)-cardio
Saturday-light cardio with abs or off
Sunday-REST and recover day from usually a long weekend :) 
I know I will hear it over and over that I do too much cardio, but I enjoy it so kill me!  I try to consume around 2,000 cals a day.  I weigh some food (meat and fruit) and that is about it.  I don't really count calories anymore, I pretty much go by a pre workout meal of 200cals, post workout of around 150cals, breakfast 350, snack 200, lunch 300-400, snack 200 dinner 300, and a protein snack of around 150cals before bed.  Added into that I munch on my vice of gum throughout the day, drink crystal light and yes use ample amounts of splenda!
Okay will that is enough about me for tonight :)

Monday, June 14, 2010

New To Blogging

Okay so this is a first for me, welcome to the blogging world.  After discovering so many interesting blogs focused on nutrition and fitness, I figured why not start my own.  I am a little apprehensive to the comments I will receive, but ah well!  A little about me, 27 year old living in the city and just enjoying life.  I am now on Summer Vacation (currently teach 3rd grade).  To keep myself busy this summer I am tutoring and doing summer school half day.  I have a wonderful boyfriend who I spend most of my down time with.  
I have been into fitness since I can remember.  I have a pretty a-typical personality which leads me to overdo things.  A bad case of Mono from overtraining from a marathon really put me in my place.  I now have to modify my workouts a little more carefully, and if I overtrain to the least my body feels it.  I am excited to meet some people that have the same interests as me.  I hope to post my meals along with some fun pics of my food!