Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Getting the Hang of Things

So I am finally starting to learn things on here, the more I play with the blog the more I learn :) Today was a perfect day. I am teaching just 11 kids in summer school, creative writing. The students are all motivated to write and love any type of school work so it makes my job easy! After summer school this afternoon I spent a nice lazy two hours at the pool reading and then I headed off to the library to look and search for some good books. I love doing things on my time.
Here are some of my eats today:

I did a horrible job taking pics today.  The meals above consist of protien powder muffin (post workout), protien pancakes, morning snack of almonds and egg whites, lunch being 60z salmon with pita bread and green beans, snack of greek yogurt, pb and protien muffin, and dinner being turkey burger with roasted veggies and spag. squash.  YUMO!  My problem is that I am such a creature of habit.  I am trying to widen my horizons and eat more creative meals, but when dinner times comes I always just go with the easiest.  My favorite staples:  
Oatmeal, yogurt, cottage cheese, any type of fish, turkey burgers, grilled chicken breast, flaxseed, nuts, egg whites, almond milk, strawberries, pumpkin, blueberries, flat out wraps, pb, and protein powder and Pure Protein Bars.  I don't eat the cleanest per say.  Weekends I usually indulge in wine or some light beer or mostly a few barcardi and diets.  I do enjoy eating out, but try to stick with healthy options.  
My workout regime usually runs about 4-5 days a week.  Lately I have been making it 6 days (bad girl) because I have had more free time.  Most people think I am crazy, but if I could work out all day I would!!  I pretty much don't follow any specific rules...just do what I enjoy.  The cardio for about 30 minutes, enough to work up a sweat and get my heart beating.  Then I add some weights, usually moderate to heavy for about 25 minutes.  My schedule goes as follows:
Monday:  Tri/Bi-cardio
Tuesday:  Legs-cardio
Wednesday-Off or light cardio with abs
Thursday:  Chest/Delts/Shoulders-Cardio
Friday-Legs (hamstrings and glutes)-cardio
Saturday-light cardio with abs or off
Sunday-REST and recover day from usually a long weekend :) 
I know I will hear it over and over that I do too much cardio, but I enjoy it so kill me!  I try to consume around 2,000 cals a day.  I weigh some food (meat and fruit) and that is about it.  I don't really count calories anymore, I pretty much go by a pre workout meal of 200cals, post workout of around 150cals, breakfast 350, snack 200, lunch 300-400, snack 200 dinner 300, and a protein snack of around 150cals before bed.  Added into that I munch on my vice of gum throughout the day, drink crystal light and yes use ample amounts of splenda!
Okay will that is enough about me for tonight :)

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