Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Protein Muffins and Grilling

I woke up this morning and Copper was ready to go for his walk. I set out at 8:30 and returned around 9:15. Cooper was worn out by the time we came home, I don't think he is used to the heat yet. I took this as my morning work out..my legs are stiff and sore from yesterdays run and it has been over a week since I have taken a day off from the gym. Plus, Cooper has been gone all weekend and I needed my bonding time with him. This afternoon I was in a baking mood so I whipped up some protein muffins. Mix together in a blender the following ingredients:
1 1/2 cup cottage cheese
1 1/2 cup oats
1 1/1 cup egg whites
2 scoop protein powder
1/8 cup sugar free syrup

This makes about 18 medium sized muffins. Total calories for entire batch: 1,200 calories, so around 66 calories per muffin. 2 of these little devils were my perfect afternoon snack.

The best part about perfect 80 degree weather is GRILLING! Last night Craig and I made chicken kabobs, they turned out so good I had to repeat the dinner again tonight. Also, on the side wonderful grilled pineapple, my new fav!

I am hoping my legs are in a little better shape come tomorrow, I would love to get in a 3 mile run but I will settle for the elliptical and some good upper body weights if needed.

On another note today, I had to get my hair highlighted. Well, usually I go to my all time fav Wendy, but her pricing is getting a little high...120 bucks for a highlight! Yes, insane. So I heard about another salon. WORST EXPERIENCE EVER!! It did only cost my 5o bucks for a highlight and eyebrow wax but it took 4 hours. I don't know how many times I wanted to grasp her utensils and take over myself...she was soooo slow. I would have to say, today was one of the LONGEST days of my life . I think I might have to pay the price if I want good service.

Do you like getting your hair done? How much are you willing to spend on your hair?

Have you ever had a bad experience with a hair stylist?

Monday, May 30, 2011

A Run to Celebrate Memorial Day

In honor of Memorial Day, every year my parents and I head out to Boys Town to run a 5 Miler. The race started this morning at 8:45 and it was packed! Omaha radio stations were broadcasting from the race as well as television stations. I had completed the race in exactly 50 minutes, 10 minute miles. The course was a little tricky, for one thing lots of hills and another thing their was a wind advisory so the entire course we were practically running against the wind. I am very happy with my time, but most of all I run this race just to enjoy it with my family. T-shirt and packet pick up info along with number for race

My Mom and I after the race, okay I think the camera adds 5 pounds, I hate this pic lol but we were in a hurry and could only get one pic in.
After I arrived home, my leg muscles were a little shot. Keep in mind I stay with my treadmill for most runs, which means hills are so hard on me. I need to work on getting out more this summer and pushing my legs on some of those hills. I refueled with a yummy protein shake with peanut butter flour balls on top and sugar free chocolate syrup.

Lunch was a HUGE salad with cherry tomatoes, apple slices, turkey breast, lettuce, cucumbers and poppy seed dressing served along side yogurt and pita chips.

My family and I were really glad that we got out and ran this morning. It was the first social thing that we have done all weekend besides sit in a hospital room. Craig has been out of town all weekend, it has been hard going through my Aunt's death with just my family and not having him around to help me, but sometimes life does not always go through as planned. Craig is on his way home now, and we might head up to the lake with the puppy for some nice R&R. Hope you all are enjoying your Memorial Day Weekend!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

When Life Brings Bad News

For the past year or so my Aunt, who is 65 years old, has had some ongoing health problems. Around the age of 62 she battled and won the battle of breast cancer. Within the last year, she has gone to several specialists because she was having a hard time breathing. The doctors diagnosed her with Tacky Brady syndrome and a pace maker was put into her. Well, once diagnosed her health continued to go downhill. Several times I would travel to Lincoln Nebraska (an hour from where I live) to visit her. In May she was submitted to a care center because her breathing now needed oxygen and she was no longer able to walk and was put in a wheel chair. Two weeks ago she was submitted to the ICU, her body was only producing 20% oxygen. This week, she continued to get worse. It is has been a long week. Due to the fact that I was finishing school up with the kids, I was not able to be at the hospital as much as I would have liked to have been. I made it up there Saturday Morning and continued to stay with my family until this afternoon, she had passed away at 12:50pm. It was a sad day, but her death was expected and we are glad that her suffering has ended.
As I look back on the past few days, I can't really explain how I feel. It has all been such a whirlwind, in and out of the hospital, visiting funeral homes, talking with pastors, crying with family and saying our good-byes. After being in the hospital all weekend, I said my good-nights to my parents and headed home. Sometimes I feel as if death can just be to overwhelming and I needed a break, a time to just think about the past events and be myself. I guess that is how I mourn, by myself.
I hate to make such a sad post, but death is all a part of life. The blessing is that she is a Christan has gone to a better place and will be loved and missed by so many.

Friday, May 27, 2011

10 Things You Should Know Before You Buy A Puppy

Lately, Craig and I have been having a hard time with our little puppy Cooper. This post is dedicated to anyone out there who is considering getting a puppy-WARNING make sure you know what you are getting into.
1. Dogs do not do well in apartments. Craig and I live in a three bedroom apartment, we figured with the extra room Cooper would be fine. We did not consider the fact that every time Cooper needs to go potty we have to walk down two flights of stairs and lock/unlock doors to get in and out. When Cooper was just 6 weeks old, he whined a lot during the night which upset the neighbors and we had several complaints.
2. Kennel the puppy. I know this sounds cruel and mean, but leaving a puppy in an open space is like leaving a three year old in front of a gigantic chocolate cake...a mess is bound to happen. Today I came home to find Cooper had gotten a hold of my coasters and chewed them to shreds all over the carpet. Sometimes, even an open room is just to much for a puppy to deal with by its self.
3. Don't leave your socks or running shorts out in the open. Yes friends, Cooper got ahold of my beloved Nike tempo shorts...as gross as it sounds they are now officially crotchless.
4. Make sure you give your puppy adequate time to run around outside. When Cooper is in a kennel all day he has energy ready to burn. If I don't take him out on nightly walks, the apartment ends up looking like a tornado has hit it.
5. When taking your puppy on a walk, make sure you keep the leash close enough to you. Numerous times, I have made the mistake of letting Cooper go on a longer leash, this leads to jumping on young children and chasing birds. NOT FUN!
6. When potty training your puppy, puppy pads do not work. At least for Craig and I they did not. Many times I would come home and find potty pads all over the room shredded to pieces. They seemed to be just something to eat instead of potty on.
7. Leave the leash and shoes right by the door and take your puppy out every half hour. When Cooper was little, 6 or 7 weeks old, we found the only way to prevent accidents happening in our place was to take him out every half hour. Yes this is a chore, but it works until their bladder gets stronger.
8. Don't be afraid to punish your puppy with a time out in his kennel or a swat on the nose. Puppies need to know who is in charge. If they are not listening, treat them as if a young child would be treated. Give them a time out, use a firm voice and point to what they did and say "NO!"
9. Invest in some good cleaning products. You will need them! Dog slobber on the table and windows, running into the apartment after stepping in dog dodo (did not notice at the time), potty accidents, spilled drinks, etc. It all happens and it can be messy.
10. Be patient and loving. Most of all you need to remember that they are just a puppy and they are still learning. They will grow out of this stage (that is what I keep telling myself).

I hope you enjoyed my little puppy pep talk. In other news, Summer is HERE!! I am pretty pumped to spend some quality time with the pup and Cooper. Oh, and food wise I came across this pizza sauce the other day at the store and I am loving it!! I think I love it just because it is so much easier to use instead of having it out of a can. Have a great FRIDAY!!

Questions: Any recommendations/experiences you would like to share if you have a puppy?

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The End is Near and Wednesday Foodies

So today is the last FULL day of school, students are out at 11:45 tomorrow. Students and I are both ready for this thing called summer!! Today started out with a wonderful end of the year breakfast celebration. Students came piling in today carrying doughnuts, breakfast cakes, fruit, and orange juice. I allowed to students to shovel food down into their stomachs as we talked about our favorite memories and completed these cute memory books. As we filled these out together, I answered some of the questions on my own. This little memory book reminded me of many memories of my past Elementary Education.

The funniest thing a teacher of mine ever did.....sing a song while playing a guitar and then she started to cry because it brought back memories of her childhood. My favorite book as a child...Romana Quimby Age 8. My favorite Elementary Lunch...chicken nuggets and a milk shake with fries. My favorite art project...making gingerbread houses during Christmas time. Favorite class activity....kick ball in gym class. Favorite past teacher....my 4th grade teacher. My favorite color as a child...pink. Favorite school subject...toss up between Writing and Reading. Craig asked me last night if getting out of school is just as exciting as it was when I was younger, yes and more!

What I ate Wednesday... Lunch consisted of chicken breast, cheese, tomato sauce and green beans with cucumbers
Morning Snack of almonds, celery and Greek yogurt

Morning Oats with blueberries, peanut flour, oatmeal and chocolate protein powder with yogurt

Tuesday's workout consisted of 45 minutes of cross training on the elliptical and cycle followed by a short 20 minute upper body lifting session. Today was my usual weekly rest day. I woke up feeling real dizzy and just not right. Yesterday I felt a little sore throat, but nothing to extreme. Today I have continued to feel real tired and worn out. Not sore from working out, just overall fatigued and I have had a couple dizzy spells. Who knows what it could be from, I have been pretty much eating all day so I don't think food is the issue. I hope that it just might be a bug that my body is trying to fight off. Well I am off to go make some protein muffins and enjoy a relaxing night on the couch, the rain is tumbling down over here.

Questions: What was your favorite elementary school lunch, activity, and book??

Monday, May 23, 2011

Recover Day from A Girl's Trip

What a weekend! Saturday I woke up around 5am headed to the gym for a quick 40 minute cardio workout with some light weights and hit the road with the girls for our weekend trip to KC. The weekend was spent shopping all day downtown at the Kansas City Plaza, good eats, and a night spent dancing until 3am! Yes, I know am finding out that I am getting WAY to old for this. Sunday we drove back and I got home around 6, cuddled with Craig and Cooper for a while and headed to bed by 8. I slept in all the way until 8am this morning. I decided to take my last personal day today due the fact that I might need a day to recover...which is right. My own dance party several glasses of wine later....
Girls at dinner
Dress is from Express on clearance for 40 bucks, along with a cute pair of black heels from Forever 21 for 16 bucks.

Rocking it out in 80s dresses at Forever 21

Sometimes weekend trips can be more exhausting then just going on a vacation for a whole week. Back to reality today. Woke up and did a super 6 mile run on the treadmill, came home and followed it with a protein shake, rice cakes and peanut flour candy.

My agenda for the day: Hit the supermarket for veggies and yogurt, meet with our travel agent regarding our cruise in July (super pumped more details to come), turn in form for my passport and order my passport, tanning, and quality time with Cooper. Oh, yes and eating :) Have a great Monday!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011


So after reading Julie Go Lean's blog (http://www.juliegolean.com), I discovered the wonders of Peanut Flour. I searched high and low around Omaha and could not find a carrier. I searched on the web and found it on http://netrition.com. I paid $11.00 total for the product. Last night it arrived, and I am now on a Peanut feast! This product is awesome, for 1/4 cup serving it contains 110 calories, 16 grams of protein, 4 grams of fat, and 8 grams of carbs. Immediately I went to work with this tasty stuff!I made some frozen peanut flour candy (Julie Go Lean) with 1/4 cup peanut flour, 1/4 cup water and a couple of packets of splenda. Mixed the batter together and froze it for an hour. I added some into my nightly snack of yogurt...

This morning I put a couple of tablespoons into my yogurt, oats and protein powder mix. It really thickens up the mixture.

I am excited to try it in some pancakes and also make some "cookie dough" out of it. YUM!! I love finding new products to try, especially when they are healthy!!

Workout Thursday:

3 Mile Run with 15 minute cycle

Shoulder workout:

3x12 Shoulder Press machine (20 pounds)

3x12 Standing shoulder press (20 pounds)

3x12 Shoulder fly with 5 pound dumbbells

3x12 Butterfly machine (20 pounds)

Bleck, now my shoulders and back are stiff from lifting...a little annoying.

One more day till Friday....5 more days of school left!

Questions: What are your newest favs nutrition wise?

Do you ever wonder why you workout if it just makes you sore?

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Reunited With a Friend

So I am sitting here in my bedroom after a LONG day of work and staring at one of my two closets, thinking about what I want to wear this weekend. Yes, I know it is only Tuesday, but I am super excited for a girls trip this weekend to Kansas City!! Closet 1 being mostly fall/winter
Closet 2 consists of tanks and summer gear..
I will not go into the HUGE Tupperware bins shoved underneath my bed full of workout clothes or the 3 closet I own in this small apartment consisting of coats, workout coats/sweatshirts and my glorious collection of shoes...and a dresser full of t-shirts and sweats to top it off. Yes, folks I have a shopping addiction.

I had a hankering today for Peanut Butter when I went to the store after work...stopped and picked up PB2 and Peanut Butter. I thought the PB2 might be good to try in my protein shakes at night for a sweet treat.

Munchies for today.... My usual dinner consisting of baked salmon with sesame seeds and garlic, roasted veggies, and pita bread. I top my salad with the salmon and veggies, add some cottage cheese sprinkled with Cinnamon to my pita bread and finish off my LARGE meal with a bowl of green veggies.

Lunch was miracle noodles (I love these), zucchini, green beans, turkey mixed with Dijon mustard

Served along side some pita bread with cottage cheese. I don't know what it is about these cottage cheese cups but they are AWESOME!! Plus only 90calories per cup.

Now on to what really made today a day. On my way home from work I had a phone call from my long lost friend Danny. Danny and I went to High school together and became really close during our college years. We completed our grad program together, moved into the same apartment complex, and got our first teaching job at the same school. She took 5th grade, I took 3rd. We were pretty much two peas in a pod, did everything and anything together.

2 years ago, slowly our lives began to change. I had met Craig and more of my time was spent with him. Not meaning too, Danny and I began to move in our own ways. She became busy with girls who were still single and I started making more time for Craig. We still hung out of course, but not as much. Soon enough Danny met Brain and Craig and I became more serious...meaning I moved out of Omaha and found a new job in Bennington and moved to Blair.

Out of all my friends, I have never had a friend like Danny. Lately, being in a smaller town and Craig having to work loads of hours has left me feel a little lonely. I have thought numerous times over the several days of how much fun Danny and I used to have. Sure enough, my phone rings today. We spent over an hour hashing out every detail in our lives and how excited we are for things to come. Her wedding in October, my hopefully soon proposal. It was a refreshing feeling to know that sometimes how busy our lives get, Danny and I will never forget each other. We might not be able to spend every waking minute with each other, but the phone calls and the times we do see each other mean that much more. Immediately after hanging up the phone, I felt happy, just real happy that I have been blessed with wonderful people in my life.

Workout Updates: Monday: 1 mile run (tried for 3 but legs were stiff and not feeling it) 20 minute elliptical with 15 minute bike...Upper body weights for 20 minutes (chest and tris)

Tuesday: Much better 3 mile run, 12 minute cycle

Lower body weights 20 minutes (calf raises, dead lifts, squat machine)

Questions: Do you have a ton of friends, or just a few really close friends?

I have a very few friends, but we are all really close

Do you consider yourself having a shopping problem??

Um yes, someone needs to ban me from shopping malls of any..but yet I can find a deal anywhere, even Walmart.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

To Be Young Again

Yesterday was our annual Field Day at school. This consisted of all students outside the entire game competing against one another in games such as tug of war, three legged race, relay races, soccer, and various obstacle courses. This day every year always brings backs memories to when I was a kid. We always had a Field Day every year, and I loved getting outside of the classroom and competing against my fellow classmates.

One thing I took away from this day is how much MORE energy these little 3rd graders have then I do. I would consider I am in pretty good shape, workout 4-5 times per week for around an hour a day, take my dog on a walk several times a week, and lift weights. Well...I was challenged by my 3rd graders to take on a 45 minute game of Soccer with them. Now, I used to play soccer all through out Elementary School and for fun during High School. I thought this would be an easy task....WRONG! Those little 3rd graders can run! By the end of my 45 minute game, my legs were shaky and I was completely out of breath...and I did not score! The sad part of it was I was actually trying too!! Sometimes I wish i could jump back into those little shoes and be young again, no worries, no deadlines, no bills...the biggest concern in life is weather I can stay up past my bedtime.
I guess this is one of the joys of being an Elementary Teacher, you get to live through your kids. Some things you miss so much about your childhood, you get to experience all over again. It might just be making an art project, eating Popsicles on the black top, or even playing a game of Soccer. So even though yesterday me and my 16 3rd graders stood out in the blistering 40 degree weather with wind for 7 hours...we made the day worth while and it brought back wonderful memories of just being a kid again :)

Workout Update:

Friday: 30 minutes Elliptical/10 minute Cycle-Ab Circuit

Saturday: 5 Miler!!! Woot Woot!! Plus light shoulder upper body circuit...NO ABS SORE!!

Well I am off to enjoy the weekend with Craig, he got off work this weekend and I am so pumped!

Questions: Were you competitive when you were a little kid?

What were some of your favorite memories about your childhood?

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Taco Bake Thursday

Since Craig has been working 15+ hours I have taken the role of making dinner for him...awww. I have actually had a fun time finding yummy recipes that he will enjoy. Yesterday I made him a Taco Bake.
Ingrediants: 1 Box of Mac and Cheese
1 8 oz container of Sour Cream
1 Pound Lean Ground Beef

4 Cups Shredded Cheese
1 Package of Taco Seasoning

Step 1: Make Mac and Cheese as Directed on the box Step 2: While Mac and Cheese is cooking add mix Toca Seasoning into Lean Ground Beef Step 3: Once Mac and Cheese is done according to the box, add in the entire container of Sour Cream (1 Cup) Step 4: Layer the bottom of the pan with half of the Mac and Cheese and Sour Cream mixture, then place the cooked meat on top of the Mac and Cheese

Step 5: Place 2 cups shredded cheese on top of the meat then place the rest of the Mac and Cheese on top of the cheese and the finish up the top layer with the other 2 cups of cheese. Bake for 15 minutes at 350!In other news, our air conditioner is still not fixed! Yes, I am very upset about this. Luckily the weather has cooled down below 90 so I was able to get a decent amount of sleep last night. The night before was MISERABLE so I high tailed it to the parents house 40 minutes away and crashed on their couch in the basement. Craig, sweated it out with Cooper in the apartment.
Pretty excited when I came home last night and found my new hoodie had arrived in the mail. I found this at a great steal on the Under Armour website for 26 bucks with free shipping! Yes, I know summer is coming....but when do you not use a hoodie.

Today's Workout: 2 mile run at pace of 5.6-5.7
10 minutes on Elliptical followed by a 10 minute cool down on the bike

Lifts: Lat Pull Down 2x12 45 pounds

Butterfly Back Press 2x12 20 pounds

Bicep Curls 2x12 25 pounds

One Arm Dumbbell row 2x12 each arm 12 pounds

T Bar Row 2812 30 pounds

1 Set of 12 side switches with 10 pound weight

1 Set of 12 sit ups on exercise ball

Total Time: 1 hour 5 minutes

My legs are still pretty sore from the light leg lifting that I did on Tuesday so my run was a little harder than expected. Tomorrow I am looking to stick to 40 minutes of cardio with some abs and Saturday hoping to hit my 5 mile run.

This is what Chelsea's hair resorts in when the humidity is high and she has no air conditioner....curls curls curls!!

Questions: Where do you search for recipes?

What is your favorite apparal of clothing (hoodies, tank tops, shorts, etc.) ?

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

5 Miler on Memorial Day-Don't Mind if I Do

This week has been a rough start. Sunday temperatures soared to about 90 degrees, Craig and I discovered that our air conditioner at our apartment did not work. We called and they said they could not come out until today to fix it! So for the past two nights, I have been sleeping in 90 degree heat which has lead to about 3 hours total of complete sleep. I feel as if I am a walking zombie. Yesterday was doable, but the no sleep has hit me hard!!.

Workout Recap

Saturday: 4 1/2 mile run (this was hard, legs tired and lacked energy)

Upper body lift

Sunday: 45 minute walk with Cooper

Monday: 3 mile run (awesome run, legs on fire...think I had the adrenaline from the lack of sleep)

Upper Body Lift-chest and triceps

Today: 3o minutes elliptical, 10 minute cycle

Lower Body Lift

Deadlifts- 3x12 with 40 pounds

Squat Machine 2x12 60-80 pounds

Calf Raises-3x12 15 pounds

Lunges 2x10 (1 set with 10 pounds, other set with 8 pounds)

Quad Curl Machine 2x12 30 pounds

A note on today's workout, one I was lacking energy and I should have skipped it all together, but I figured since I was already laying wide awake I might as well hit the gym, two my workout called for more intense weight...but this is really my first leg workout in over several months...clue you in on sore my bum might be tomorrow :)

In other news, as noted above I will be participating in the 5 Mile Boy's Town Run. This will be my 3rd year participating in it. Last year I was unable because I had plans down at the cabin with Craig for a Memorial Day Party. This year we opted not to plan one for he has a bachelor party to attend over the weekend for his best friend. I know the course pretty well, and it is not an easy one (lots of hills) but it is doable. I am not racing to set any PR...I am just going to get out there and run!

My lunch break is over, back to the kids. I am going to pray for a good night's sleep and a working air conditioner.

Questions: What is your next race you will participate in?

Do you train for every race you run, or do you sometimes just like to have fun and run it with family and friends?

Friday, May 6, 2011

How Popcorn Is Made

I love the end of the school year, field trips!! Yesterday our class visited a local popcorn factory called Vics. We learned how popcorn was made and then the kids got to enjoy some handmade popcorn balls. I was amazed at all the different flavors they have: green apple, blueberry, confetti, banana, strawberry, chocolate covered Carmel, blue raz, etc. It defiantly made me hungry for popcorn!!

The making of banana popcorn ballStrawberry Popcorn

I have been so bummed recently. Craig is working 70 hours plus so I see him for about 5 minutes each night before I go to bed. It has been kind of rough because I have moved to Blair this summer and I really don't have any friends here yet. I am at that age where most girls my age have kids and a family, you find that more in a small town. I do have friends and my parents in Omaha, but on a weeknight it is hard to drive 40 minutes to go and see them. So yes, for the past week I have been communicating to 8 years olds and a puppy! I just have to tell myself that it will not be like this forever, only about another month and his work will slow down.

Tonight I made plans for coffee with my Mom and then sushi with the girls!

Workout Recap

Thursday: 40 minute walk/light jog with Cooper

Friday: 32 minutes elliptical (3 miles) 10 minute cycle

Upper Lift Routine

Shoulder Machine Press-3x12 20 pounds

Standing Shoulder Press 3x12 10 pounds

Butterfly press 3x12 30 pounds

Lat Raises 3x12 10 pounds


Leg Lifts-3x12

Laying Down Leg Lifts 3x12

Total time 1 hour 5 minutes

Yeah for Friday!!

Questions: What is your favorite thing this Friday?

What do you do when you feel lonely?