Saturday, June 19, 2010

Ready to Start the Day

Yesterday was a busy day and I was zonked by the time I came home.  For lunch me and my Mom and my Aunt went to Applebee's and I enjoyed their Grilled Island Chicken Salad.  After a short visit, we drove over to our outdoor mall Village point and went shopping.  My Mom was very generous and bought me some cute dresses.

The blue dress I picked up at J-Crew and the green dress I picked up at Ann Taylor.  We followed it off with a cute pair of flats from Target.  I love Target, they always have the cutest, cheapest accessories.  After shopping we enjoyed a great dinner outside at a little local fish place called "Shucks."  I have never been their before and it was yummy.  We had shrimp cocktail and then I had seared Ahi Tuna, my fav!!  Here are some pics of me and the family.

I tried my hardest to sleep in today, but my dang internal alarm clock woke me up at 6am again!  I laid in bed till about 6:45 and then crammed down some oats and yogurt and headed to the gym.  Sweated out a pretty good workout and came home starving and had a huge bowl of oats with protein powder, strawberries and greed yogurt.  
Annoying tid bit....there is this older guy at the gym and he always starts up a conversation with me.  I am always nice, and just thought he was being nice as well.  I was talking to him about my plans tonight, a wedding with the boyfriend when he makes a comment "Oh, so you are taken, that is a shame.  I was trying to work up my courage to ask you out."  He was serious!!  I am sorry but some people don't have common sense.  This guy is 48 years old, come on.  
Just had to rant a little, can't people just go to the gym to workout, geez!  I am so excited to get the day started.  A wedding tonight on the river along with a street dance which means good food, good booze and lots of fun!  I am very excited to see the boyfriend as well, it has been a whole week :( 

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  1.'s not the gym anymore, it's the local Single's Club! Just wear headphones, I find that helps with people trying to talk to you ;) Stay focused!!

    Have a good day :D