Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Black Letter Day

If you have ever heard of a "Black Letter Day," it is a day when something horrible happens and you don't see it coming. I have read the book "Night of the Twisters," to my third graders numerous times and the character describes the day the twisters hit as a "Black Letter Day." Yesterday was my black letter day.
I started out the morning with some chopped apples and oatmeal before hitting up the gym for a 3 mile run with intervals, followed by some cycling with an upper body lifting workout.
I had to eat lunch pretty early because I had to run into Omaha to pick up my race packet for Sunday's run at Peak Performance and then be at the pool by 1 to meet up with one of my friends that I have not seen in over a year. Lunch was a hard decision for me so I mixed it up. I wanted something sweet so I made my usual pita chips and I also wanted a sandwich so I made a wrap using broccoli and chicken with light mayo. I love Joseph's Flat Out Wraps. Not only are they low in carbs but they are HUGE and big enough for me to cut in half. I topped off my lunch with my usual yogurt to dip my pita chips in. Perfect, settled both of my cravings!!
After lunch I quickly hurried out the door. I was a little unsure of where Peak Performance was, I had never had to pick a race packet up there before so I googled it and wrote down the directions. Once I got close to the street I was looking for, it w as a little tricky to find and I quickly turned not seeing the huge Dodge Ram in my blindside....BAM! Yup, the truck slammed hardcore right into my driver's side. I don't remember much, it was almost like I had closed my eyes and the awoke to airbags and shattered glass. I was so scared I tried opening the door and it would not open so I crawled over the seats and the glass which cut my poor legs open to get out of the car. I took my cell phone and called Craig bawling and he said he would be there immediately. Minutes later, the cops arrived and blocked off the intersection. I was pretty shook up and I didn't notice my legs were bleeding from the glass. The officer asked if I needed an ambulance and I said I would be fine. My head ached from hitting the airbags and my arm burned badly from the force of the car hitting my side. All in all, it was my fault and I felt so ashamed and almost dumb. Craig reassured me that things like this happen and we are not goes on. The ironic thing is I just bought out my car! My car was towed away and we finished up the paperwork. Luckily, Craig owns a second car so I will have a car to drive. The accident really made me think how fast things can happen and all it can take is one time for us to get seriously hurt or killed...we really do not need to take things for granted.
I am defiantly glad things are over. I went to the clinic yesterday to get checked out and besides the cuts on my legs and the burn on my arm he said I should be fine. I had a pretty bad headache yesterday and this morning and my neck is stiff, but other then that I am pretty lucky with the shape I came out in. I have to wait until Monday to find out if my car is totalled or not.
My race is still on for Sunday and I am thinking I will be just fine to run in it. As for today, lots of rest and relaxation. I have to start packing, tomorrow I head to Lincoln for three days to help with some state math testing for school.
Have you ever been in a car accident? If so, was it serious and how did you deal afterwords?
What are some "Black Letter Days," you have had?

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  1. SOO SO glad to hear you are okay. I can only imagine how incredibly scary this was!! You should definitely not feel bad...the most important thing is that you and everyone else was okay! You are amazing for still running your race and I look forward to hearing how it goes.

    Car accidents are so scary for me. I have been in 2 and they were both terrifying. They do not sound as serious as yours but just scary. I have never heard of Black Letter Days till now...but I would definitely say the days I lost my grandparents were incredibly difficult days!

    good luck today!