Friday, June 17, 2011

Dirt in My Mouth-Yuck!

I completed my 6 1/2 mile run this morning, and it sure was a run! I decided to run on the back country roads because it is so peaceful out there. I forgot my sunglasses in Craig's truck, I was a little bummed to run without them. I ran 3 mile out to the nearby golf course and then 3 miles back and took the loop around my back apartment to finish off a 6 1/2 mile run. The run out towards the golf course was great, the run back....well that is another story. Every time a truck or car would drive by dust flew up in my face. It was pretty nasty...never again with NO sunglasses. Besides the dirt, I had a great run..completed the entire run in 1 hour and 5 minutes. My legs are pretty stiff and sore, but this has been my longest run for about a month or so (I have been sticking to 5 milers). I always feel so amazing during my runs and want to push myself harder and harder. Hours later I always think to myself "why did I push myself so hard."

After returning from my run, I walked into the apartment to find this wonderful mess of fuzz covering my carpet! Cooper had destroyed his toy football :( I texted Craig a picture at work and he called me back immediately laughing...apparently a mess he does not have to clean up is funny. After cleaning up Cooper's mess I grabbed the first thing to drink in the fridge..yes I know it should have been water, but I was craving something sweet...calorie free Lemonade. I look a little out of it here, the lemonade plus endorphins must have been getting to me.
I finished recovering with a huge scoop of L-Glutamine Powder all time favorite Vanilla Protein shake with peanut flour, rice cakes and raspberry yogurt mixed in...yum!

Lunch could not have came sooner...blueberries, ham and almonds all mixed into a salad...don't knock it tell ya try it. I also finished off my third container of yogurt for the morning with pita bread to dip it in.

Well, it is Friday night...legs are sore and I am a little lazy blogger right now. Craig had a surprise birthday party back home tonight for one of his 45 year old customers. I was so HAPPY when he told me I did not have to go. I know I would have been pretty cranky standing in a dive bar all night with a bunch of farmers I have never met. It is crazy, but when it is summer for me it feels as if every night is a Friday night, so the desire to get out on Friday night does not really appeal to me so much as it does during the school year. I am pretty content watching Lifetime and plotting my butt on the couch.

Are you lazy the day you do your long runs or workout hard?

Do you always feel the need to go out and be social every weekend?


  1. Aw what a fun relaxing friday night! I love being plopped on the couch after a long hard day or a hard workout.

    I'm at work until 7am today, so sitting on a couch, relaxing sounds extra nice right now.

    Cute photo with the lemonade, that looks delicious!

  2. totally agree...I am so lazy the day of my long runs...I always have big plans but then I end up just laying on my couch all day. haha. Good job on your run and so glad you were able to enjoy a relaxing Friday evening...those are my favorite :)

  3. I am SO lazy on my long run days!!! It's so bad. All I want to do is lie dramatically on my couch! :)