Thursday, June 9, 2011

Last day of Summer School for the week. It may only be a three hour day, but man the time moves sooo slow...I am thinking because in my mind I know that it is Summer. The kids are really hard to motivate as well, I don't blame them. I have gotten into quite a good routine everyday. Workout before summer school, teach in the morning, grab a bite to eat and then hit up the pool for the afternoon hours! Can't really complain :) My Local Community Pool

Another race is in the works for me. I signed up for the Seina Francis House Run on June 28. The run is held at a local lake where I used to run countless miles around when I lived at home. The race begins at 8am and will be a 10k. This will be my first official 10k!!

In my attempt to add in some different cross training to my workout routine (Insanity) let me say HUGE MISTAKE. I might have came on a little to strong, yesterday I had a hard time walking down the stairs as well as sitting. My calves are still killing me today as well as my entire upper body. I have muscles hurting that I never knew could possibly hurt. Wednesday and today's workout were taken a little lighter in attempts to recover.

Wednesday: 45 minute cycle-low impact with abs

Today: 2 mile run (brutal) 20 minutes elliptical and 10 minute cycle with light bicep work

I know once my body gets adjusted to the high impact cardio workouts I will not be as sore, but I do only plan to add in one or two during the week. The last thing I want is stiff sore legs that will ruin my runs.

Here are some eats from yesterday:

Protein Muffin with pb and greek yogurtHuge salad made with turkey bacon, tomatoes, artichoke hearts and green beans

I am really working hard on cleaning out my kitchen cabinets. I am notorious for buying numerous items and not finishing them. In my cabinet so far I have these items left to finish

-2 boxes of Kashi granola bars

-2 boxes of instant oatmeal

-1 huge box from Costco of freeze dried fruit pouches

-whole sack of dried raisins

-Around 10 cans of Healthy Choice Soup

-8 cans of Tuna

-1 can of Salmon

-3 small pouches of salmon

-3 Boxes of cereal (Go Lean, and Wheat Puffs)

-2 boxes of Flax Meal

-15 Protein Bars

-6 EAS Protein Shakes

This is just off the top of my head...when I go to the store I see products I want and buy, I don't think about all the food I have yet to finish.

Are you an impulsive shopper when it comes to food?


  1. I want to lay out by the pool so badly!! Our mid-50s isn't really conducive to that though!

  2. Thankfully I have a mom that buys me food... otherwise I'm sure I would be flat broke... or just living off of eggs! haha

    I want to run a 10k some time... we'll see. Good luck!