Monday, June 6, 2011

Back to the Swing of Things

What a weekend! Friday Craig and I took off for a wedding, he was the best man. I would have lots of pics, but....I forgot my camera! I know so sad :( Anyways, Friday we left around 1:00, dropped Cooper off at the kennels and headed to Valentine NE, a 5 hour drive. Once we arrived to Valentine we checked into the hotel and hurried to the reception dinner. Following the dinner, the wedding party went out for drinks. I had about two glasses of wine and was feeling pretty loopy so we eventually made it back to the hotel around 1am. I was pretty sure the workout I had planned was not happening Saturday morning, but I made it out for a pretty lame half hour run. The weather was beautiful, but the tiredness took over. Saturday we had the wedding at 5:00 followed by the reception and dinner. This was a pretty big college reunion for Craig, so expected the reception lasted till around 2am. You can believe that Sunday driving back, I was pretty sleepy.
This morning I woke up refreshed and ready to take on the world! I started the morning off at 4:30 am with a 31/2 mile run followed by a 15 minute cycle interval workout and a 20 minute upper body workout. Today was also the first day of summer school, the nice thing about summer school is that is it goes to 11:3o so I get the rest of the afternoon off to enjoy myself. The rest of the afternoon was spent hitting up Costco for well needed groceries, running random errands that needed to be done and taking Cooper out for a 45 minute walk in 100 degree weather!

Groceries consisting of cottage cheese, blueberries, cherry tomatoes, ketchup, jello, mushrooms and celery.
While shopping at Hy-Vee, I cam across single serving Hummus pouches. Yes, I am a sucker for the single size serving pouches. One pouch contains 63 cals!! I will be adding these little babies to my pita bread chips for lunch.

Cooper after our 45 minute walk. He was exhausted, as was I. I still can't believe I attempted the walk in this crazy heat.

Plans for the rest of the night are going to include watching the Bachelorette, catching up on a book I ordered a while back from Amazon (I know a cheesy romance novel) and finally relaxing.


What are some things you have forgotten to pack on vacation that really annoyed you?

My camera this weekend, no blogging pics for me :(

How is the weather where you are living?

We are on a huge heat wave right now and have flood warnings surrounding us all over, several towns have had to evacuate...pretty scary stuff!

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