Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Yoga Anyone??

This morning I woke up feeling much better. I fueled my workout with a quick protein drink and a crunchy apple. It has been a while since I have just eaten a plain apple by itself...usually I always put apples in either a salad or my oatmeal. My workout rocked this morning, started it out with a four mile run on the tm followed by a 10 minute cool down on the bike. After my cardio I did the following: 3 sets of lunges holding 10 pound dumbbell-10 on each leg
3 sets of deadlifts 15 pound dumbbells
3 sets of upright rows with both arms 10 pound dumbbells
3 sets of reverse crunches 25 reps
Post workout consisted of greek yogurt (the off cheap brand but just as good) mixed in with protein powder and an hour later breakfast was oats, protein powder, almonds, flaxmeal mixed in with dried crunchy fruit. I have to admit the Asian pear fruit snacks are not the greatest, but since I purchased a HUGE box of them from Costco thinking I would love them, I am trying my best to finish them off.
Today was my last full day here in Lincoln for my teacher conference. I swear if I have to look at one more statement starting with "By the end of 3rd grade this child will be able to..." I will scream! Today's session was to be over by 4, we were out at 2 so I had to find some way to entertain myself until dinner time. I found a local YMCA about 1 mile from my hotel, I decided this would be a perfect opportunity to try out some yoga since I had already got a good workout in the morning. If anyone says Yoga is not a workout...well they are wrong! Considering my legs were stiff from my lunges and running this morning, all the balancing and lunges were a bit hard for me. Overall...I liked the experience and it really seemed to stretch my body out. I am excited to try out the P90x yoga that I have at home.
After yoga, Panera was located right across the street from the Y so I walked over and ordered a huge Asian Chicken salad with some cookies for a treat for Craig when I get home. I added some green beans to the side with string cheese and pita bread.Tomorrow can't come soon enough. I am here for one more meeting in the morning and then I home bound to my puppy and Craig. Can you believe tomorrow is already Wednesday??
Do you enjoy yoga?
First experience not that bad, I can see why people like it as a form of relaxation
If you had a 25 dollar stipend a night to spend on dinner where would you go?
I kept it simple with Panera and ordering speciality fish from a local market here in town...I am not a big fan of a huge steak meal


  1. I love yoga!!

    I have gone to some yoga classes that are pretty much just simple stretching, but I have also gone to classes that are hard-core workouts!!

  2. again...LOVE panera :) and SO happy you made it to the end of your conference!!! woo hoo!!!!

    ummm so I just did 20 minutes...(yup...thats it) of yoga tonight and it was HARD. haha! I thought it would just be this nice little thing...not so much. I think I am going to try it every night (its only day 1 so we will see if this goal sticks) this week!

  3. i def need to get back into yoga! it always keeps me so flexible and prevents injury..i NEED TO CONVINCE myself to find the time to do it!!
    and 25 bucks...oh i would find either sushi for me or maybss salad works cause that place is the BEST!

  4. Hmm if I had $25 I would go to the local seafood market and get some fresh salmon (I live on the ocean so it's FRESH), then the market to get some fresh produce and then a cheap bottle of wine :)

  5. I LOVE Panera's salads! So good! I have been to Lincoln a few times and they had the best breakfast place....I can't remember what it was called (sorry!), but it was owned by a sweet little greek family and they had the most delicious foods without being greasy at all. Glad you made it through the conference! :)