Sunday, May 1, 2011

Things I am Loving This Spring Weekend

Finally the sun decided to come out and bless us with it's presence, the temperatures were not all that great, high 50's low 6o's, but heck I will take it any day. This weekend was spent mostly with my parents. Craig is busy out helping his farmers plant their seed for planting season. This time is always the hardest for me, I have to learn how to keep myself busy. He did make it off work a little early last night around 7 to take me out for a yummy dinner down by the river. We then came home and watched Country Strong, which was an "okay" movie. Here are some items that really highlighted my weekend: A Nike tank top I was able to find at a garage sale for 3 bucks!
Mom surprised me with this new flavor of syrup for a late b-day present

My afternoon snack of whipped cottage cheese and cereal and almond butter

A trip to Whole Foods with the parents and a late birthday lunch

Mom and I this afternoon after lunch

Two good book finds for a dollar each at a garage sale on Saturday

Green Peppers on sale 2 for a buck

Propel Water, I bought a 24 pack Friday and it is already halfway gone..eeekkk

As you can see, I was able to find alot of good finds this weekend, hence the garage sales. During the summer, my Mom and I love the adventure of going out for a good bargain.

Workout Progress

Friday: 40 minute elliptical and 10 minutes cycle/Ab circuit

Saturday: 4 MILER!! About 1 minute slower than my pace but hey, four miles after over training is good for me :)

Questions: Do you like shopping at garage sales or thrift stores for a good deal?

I love finding a good deal, it is worth the time and effort if it is cheap and worthwhile!

What is your favorite afternoon snack?

Mine is usually oats, protein powder and almond butter but sometimes I mix it up with a protein bar or cereal.


  1. Looks like a nice weekend!
    Some great finds from garage sales as well--I buy lots of books used, but I never find any good clothes.
    Fave afternoon snack is greek yogurt with some yummy toppings--fruit, nuts, or cereal (or all 3!)

  2. What a great weekend! I am the worst at thrift store shopping i wish i was better. I dont have a lot of patience for digging through things sadly. My fav snacks are the ones that are quick and easy! I usually reach for fruit and almond butter.

  3. I used to go to garage sales all the time, but it has been a while.

    I love finding good deals!!

  4. My afternoon snack is no where near as healthy as yours. I usually end up with chocolate or a handful of animal crackers! I could use a lesson in better afternoon snacking!

  5. Whipped cottage cheese? Do you whip it yourself or buy it that way?

    It's hard for me to handle thrift stores. I know they have hidden gems, but I barely like shopping at regular stores so it's hard to find the patience to find those gems.

    And garage sales? No. Unless it is literally 10 steps from my house, I won't make the effort. I'm really, really lazy. :-P

  6. I LOVE the nike tank top, I'm a little jealous of that find!