Monday, May 30, 2011

A Run to Celebrate Memorial Day

In honor of Memorial Day, every year my parents and I head out to Boys Town to run a 5 Miler. The race started this morning at 8:45 and it was packed! Omaha radio stations were broadcasting from the race as well as television stations. I had completed the race in exactly 50 minutes, 10 minute miles. The course was a little tricky, for one thing lots of hills and another thing their was a wind advisory so the entire course we were practically running against the wind. I am very happy with my time, but most of all I run this race just to enjoy it with my family. T-shirt and packet pick up info along with number for race

My Mom and I after the race, okay I think the camera adds 5 pounds, I hate this pic lol but we were in a hurry and could only get one pic in.
After I arrived home, my leg muscles were a little shot. Keep in mind I stay with my treadmill for most runs, which means hills are so hard on me. I need to work on getting out more this summer and pushing my legs on some of those hills. I refueled with a yummy protein shake with peanut butter flour balls on top and sugar free chocolate syrup.

Lunch was a HUGE salad with cherry tomatoes, apple slices, turkey breast, lettuce, cucumbers and poppy seed dressing served along side yogurt and pita chips.

My family and I were really glad that we got out and ran this morning. It was the first social thing that we have done all weekend besides sit in a hospital room. Craig has been out of town all weekend, it has been hard going through my Aunt's death with just my family and not having him around to help me, but sometimes life does not always go through as planned. Craig is on his way home now, and we might head up to the lake with the puppy for some nice R&R. Hope you all are enjoying your Memorial Day Weekend!


  1. wow the wind sure was blowing. i think you look great btw! how fun that you and your family ran a race together. so sweet. and im a treadmill runner too most of the time. i think i will have problems with hills. i need to push myself to go outside, but i am not a summer and winter runner outdoors. have a great day!

  2. look awesome in that pic so if the camera adds five pounds I don't know where they went.
    Also, love that you ran this with your family. So cool!