Friday, May 6, 2011

How Popcorn Is Made

I love the end of the school year, field trips!! Yesterday our class visited a local popcorn factory called Vics. We learned how popcorn was made and then the kids got to enjoy some handmade popcorn balls. I was amazed at all the different flavors they have: green apple, blueberry, confetti, banana, strawberry, chocolate covered Carmel, blue raz, etc. It defiantly made me hungry for popcorn!!

The making of banana popcorn ballStrawberry Popcorn

I have been so bummed recently. Craig is working 70 hours plus so I see him for about 5 minutes each night before I go to bed. It has been kind of rough because I have moved to Blair this summer and I really don't have any friends here yet. I am at that age where most girls my age have kids and a family, you find that more in a small town. I do have friends and my parents in Omaha, but on a weeknight it is hard to drive 40 minutes to go and see them. So yes, for the past week I have been communicating to 8 years olds and a puppy! I just have to tell myself that it will not be like this forever, only about another month and his work will slow down.

Tonight I made plans for coffee with my Mom and then sushi with the girls!

Workout Recap

Thursday: 40 minute walk/light jog with Cooper

Friday: 32 minutes elliptical (3 miles) 10 minute cycle

Upper Lift Routine

Shoulder Machine Press-3x12 20 pounds

Standing Shoulder Press 3x12 10 pounds

Butterfly press 3x12 30 pounds

Lat Raises 3x12 10 pounds


Leg Lifts-3x12

Laying Down Leg Lifts 3x12

Total time 1 hour 5 minutes

Yeah for Friday!!

Questions: What is your favorite thing this Friday?

What do you do when you feel lonely?


  1. I'm in a similar boat as you right now. I moved from Hong Kong to a small town in Georgia and don't know ANYONE. Hubby is super busy building our new house and most of the women I meet are married with children.

  2. I live in a big city for 3.5 years and still feel lonely. (I've only made a couple of friends.)

    I am an introverted person, so that probably helps, but I fill my time with running, baking, cooking, and blogging. I also call my sister when I'm lonely.

  3. I LOVE popcorn. I have an air popper that i like to use, I'll sprinkle some parmesan cheese on it to spice it up.

    When I'm lonely, I like to go out and run because it NEVER fails to make me feel better.