Saturday, May 14, 2011

To Be Young Again

Yesterday was our annual Field Day at school. This consisted of all students outside the entire game competing against one another in games such as tug of war, three legged race, relay races, soccer, and various obstacle courses. This day every year always brings backs memories to when I was a kid. We always had a Field Day every year, and I loved getting outside of the classroom and competing against my fellow classmates.

One thing I took away from this day is how much MORE energy these little 3rd graders have then I do. I would consider I am in pretty good shape, workout 4-5 times per week for around an hour a day, take my dog on a walk several times a week, and lift weights. Well...I was challenged by my 3rd graders to take on a 45 minute game of Soccer with them. Now, I used to play soccer all through out Elementary School and for fun during High School. I thought this would be an easy task....WRONG! Those little 3rd graders can run! By the end of my 45 minute game, my legs were shaky and I was completely out of breath...and I did not score! The sad part of it was I was actually trying too!! Sometimes I wish i could jump back into those little shoes and be young again, no worries, no deadlines, no bills...the biggest concern in life is weather I can stay up past my bedtime.
I guess this is one of the joys of being an Elementary Teacher, you get to live through your kids. Some things you miss so much about your childhood, you get to experience all over again. It might just be making an art project, eating Popsicles on the black top, or even playing a game of Soccer. So even though yesterday me and my 16 3rd graders stood out in the blistering 40 degree weather with wind for 7 hours...we made the day worth while and it brought back wonderful memories of just being a kid again :)

Workout Update:

Friday: 30 minutes Elliptical/10 minute Cycle-Ab Circuit

Saturday: 5 Miler!!! Woot Woot!! Plus light shoulder upper body circuit...NO ABS SORE!!

Well I am off to enjoy the weekend with Craig, he got off work this weekend and I am so pumped!

Questions: Were you competitive when you were a little kid?

What were some of your favorite memories about your childhood?


  1. i loved field day! it was always a blast. All those fun runs and obstacles. I would love to see that again.

  2. That is absolutely one of my favorite things about teaching...I loved field day and everything fun and carefree about childhood and now I get to live it all over again year after year...and I don't know how they just seem to never run out of energy?! Im gonna keep that in mind next time I run and try and love it as much as a little kid does!

  3. We will have to meet up when I am back in town this summer!!