Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Reunited With a Friend

So I am sitting here in my bedroom after a LONG day of work and staring at one of my two closets, thinking about what I want to wear this weekend. Yes, I know it is only Tuesday, but I am super excited for a girls trip this weekend to Kansas City!! Closet 1 being mostly fall/winter
Closet 2 consists of tanks and summer gear..
I will not go into the HUGE Tupperware bins shoved underneath my bed full of workout clothes or the 3 closet I own in this small apartment consisting of coats, workout coats/sweatshirts and my glorious collection of shoes...and a dresser full of t-shirts and sweats to top it off. Yes, folks I have a shopping addiction.

I had a hankering today for Peanut Butter when I went to the store after work...stopped and picked up PB2 and Peanut Butter. I thought the PB2 might be good to try in my protein shakes at night for a sweet treat.

Munchies for today.... My usual dinner consisting of baked salmon with sesame seeds and garlic, roasted veggies, and pita bread. I top my salad with the salmon and veggies, add some cottage cheese sprinkled with Cinnamon to my pita bread and finish off my LARGE meal with a bowl of green veggies.

Lunch was miracle noodles (I love these), zucchini, green beans, turkey mixed with Dijon mustard

Served along side some pita bread with cottage cheese. I don't know what it is about these cottage cheese cups but they are AWESOME!! Plus only 90calories per cup.

Now on to what really made today a day. On my way home from work I had a phone call from my long lost friend Danny. Danny and I went to High school together and became really close during our college years. We completed our grad program together, moved into the same apartment complex, and got our first teaching job at the same school. She took 5th grade, I took 3rd. We were pretty much two peas in a pod, did everything and anything together.

2 years ago, slowly our lives began to change. I had met Craig and more of my time was spent with him. Not meaning too, Danny and I began to move in our own ways. She became busy with girls who were still single and I started making more time for Craig. We still hung out of course, but not as much. Soon enough Danny met Brain and Craig and I became more serious...meaning I moved out of Omaha and found a new job in Bennington and moved to Blair.

Out of all my friends, I have never had a friend like Danny. Lately, being in a smaller town and Craig having to work loads of hours has left me feel a little lonely. I have thought numerous times over the several days of how much fun Danny and I used to have. Sure enough, my phone rings today. We spent over an hour hashing out every detail in our lives and how excited we are for things to come. Her wedding in October, my hopefully soon proposal. It was a refreshing feeling to know that sometimes how busy our lives get, Danny and I will never forget each other. We might not be able to spend every waking minute with each other, but the phone calls and the times we do see each other mean that much more. Immediately after hanging up the phone, I felt happy, just real happy that I have been blessed with wonderful people in my life.

Workout Updates: Monday: 1 mile run (tried for 3 but legs were stiff and not feeling it) 20 minute elliptical with 15 minute bike...Upper body weights for 20 minutes (chest and tris)

Tuesday: Much better 3 mile run, 12 minute cycle

Lower body weights 20 minutes (calf raises, dead lifts, squat machine)

Questions: Do you have a ton of friends, or just a few really close friends?

I have a very few friends, but we are all really close

Do you consider yourself having a shopping problem??

Um yes, someone needs to ban me from shopping malls of any..but yet I can find a deal anywhere, even Walmart.

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