Tuesday, May 10, 2011

5 Miler on Memorial Day-Don't Mind if I Do

This week has been a rough start. Sunday temperatures soared to about 90 degrees, Craig and I discovered that our air conditioner at our apartment did not work. We called and they said they could not come out until today to fix it! So for the past two nights, I have been sleeping in 90 degree heat which has lead to about 3 hours total of complete sleep. I feel as if I am a walking zombie. Yesterday was doable, but the no sleep has hit me hard!!.

Workout Recap

Saturday: 4 1/2 mile run (this was hard, legs tired and lacked energy)

Upper body lift

Sunday: 45 minute walk with Cooper

Monday: 3 mile run (awesome run, legs on fire...think I had the adrenaline from the lack of sleep)

Upper Body Lift-chest and triceps

Today: 3o minutes elliptical, 10 minute cycle

Lower Body Lift

Deadlifts- 3x12 with 40 pounds

Squat Machine 2x12 60-80 pounds

Calf Raises-3x12 15 pounds

Lunges 2x10 (1 set with 10 pounds, other set with 8 pounds)

Quad Curl Machine 2x12 30 pounds

A note on today's workout, one I was lacking energy and I should have skipped it all together, but I figured since I was already laying wide awake I might as well hit the gym, two my workout called for more intense weight...but this is really my first leg workout in over several months...clue you in on sore my bum might be tomorrow :)

In other news, as noted above I will be participating in the 5 Mile Boy's Town Run. This will be my 3rd year participating in it. Last year I was unable because I had plans down at the cabin with Craig for a Memorial Day Party. This year we opted not to plan one for he has a bachelor party to attend over the weekend for his best friend. I know the course pretty well, and it is not an easy one (lots of hills) but it is doable. I am not racing to set any PR...I am just going to get out there and run!

My lunch break is over, back to the kids. I am going to pray for a good night's sleep and a working air conditioner.

Questions: What is your next race you will participate in?

Do you train for every race you run, or do you sometimes just like to have fun and run it with family and friends?


  1. good luck at the race! you should post some of your lifting workouts--i need fresh ideas!

  2. Running in 90 degree weather or trying to sleep in 90 degree weather are both MISERABLE concepts, I'm sorry girl....! Hope the AC starts working for you ASAP!

  3. I really like your workout routine! (I am gonna steal some bits from it lol)
    My next race is a triathlon on Sunday!