Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The End is Near and Wednesday Foodies

So today is the last FULL day of school, students are out at 11:45 tomorrow. Students and I are both ready for this thing called summer!! Today started out with a wonderful end of the year breakfast celebration. Students came piling in today carrying doughnuts, breakfast cakes, fruit, and orange juice. I allowed to students to shovel food down into their stomachs as we talked about our favorite memories and completed these cute memory books. As we filled these out together, I answered some of the questions on my own. This little memory book reminded me of many memories of my past Elementary Education.

The funniest thing a teacher of mine ever did.....sing a song while playing a guitar and then she started to cry because it brought back memories of her childhood. My favorite book as a child...Romana Quimby Age 8. My favorite Elementary Lunch...chicken nuggets and a milk shake with fries. My favorite art project...making gingerbread houses during Christmas time. Favorite class activity....kick ball in gym class. Favorite past 4th grade teacher. My favorite color as a Favorite school subject...toss up between Writing and Reading. Craig asked me last night if getting out of school is just as exciting as it was when I was younger, yes and more!

What I ate Wednesday... Lunch consisted of chicken breast, cheese, tomato sauce and green beans with cucumbers
Morning Snack of almonds, celery and Greek yogurt

Morning Oats with blueberries, peanut flour, oatmeal and chocolate protein powder with yogurt

Tuesday's workout consisted of 45 minutes of cross training on the elliptical and cycle followed by a short 20 minute upper body lifting session. Today was my usual weekly rest day. I woke up feeling real dizzy and just not right. Yesterday I felt a little sore throat, but nothing to extreme. Today I have continued to feel real tired and worn out. Not sore from working out, just overall fatigued and I have had a couple dizzy spells. Who knows what it could be from, I have been pretty much eating all day so I don't think food is the issue. I hope that it just might be a bug that my body is trying to fight off. Well I am off to go make some protein muffins and enjoy a relaxing night on the couch, the rain is tumbling down over here.

Questions: What was your favorite elementary school lunch, activity, and book??

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