Thursday, April 28, 2011

B-Day Bliss

Yesterday was an enjoyable perfect day for a Birthday. The kids had a field trip to the farm and when we returned from school they presented me with a gift card for a kind of treat. The rest of the afternoon was spent watching the movie "BABE," and enjoying the loads of cookies and cupcakes a few of my parents dropped off as a surprise. It was a unteachable day if you must say so. It seems as if there are always more of these days as school starts to wind down and the summer gets closer....3 more weeks!!!

My students were in sugar overload after all the birthday treats!

Then came the best surprise of from my love sent to school! I told him specifically "NO FLOWERS!" You know how those boys can be....Saturday we are going to officially celebrate my birthday with a dinner at my favorite restaurant Bone Fish and then we are going to look at rings...SO PUMPED!!

Workout Progress:

Monday: 3 mile Run, 10 minutes elliptical followed by 10 minutes of cycle

Shoulder and Chest Lift moderate weights, 2 exercises with 12 reps

Tuesday: Elliptical 35 minutes, Cycle 10 minutes

Hamstrings/Legs lift-core work

Thursday: 2 1/2 mile run, 10 minute elliptical and 12 minute cycle (ranging from level 3 to level 8)

Bi and Tri workout: Bicep curl 15 pounds 2x12

Standing Bicep Curl-20 pounds 2x12

Tricep Pull Down: 60 pounds 2x12

Tricep Machine pull down: 35 pounds 2x12

My legs were a little stiff and sore this morning, adding some leg work into my routines has been harder than I thought it would be. It is a good feeling to be sore, but at the same time it makes my runs alot harder with stiff legs. I think the more weight I keep lifting the easier and less stiff and sore I will become. You may ask what my goal is...well I have no rush to get back into running 5-6 milers at a hard pace 3 times a week (that is the reason why I over trained). I would like to get back up to just running on average a good 4 miler 2 times per week and then add in more strength training and one longer run (at max 6 miles). I think a good enjoyable race for me is 10ks. So I would like to keep up my endurance for those races.

What are your future goals...running wise or strength training?

Do you find it hard to add in strength training to your routine?


  1. Nice workouts so far this week! Sounds like such a wonderful birthday--and beautiful flowers!
    I would really like to try and focus on strength training for my upper body but I never feel motivated. Running is just so much more fun!

  2. Happy belated birthday Chels! How exciting to look at rings!! Enjoy your celebrations!!

  3. Happy belated birthday!

    I try to strength train twice a week, which does make it difficult on top of running 6 days a week, but I think it is important, so I make it work.

  4. Happy BIRTHDAY! hope it was enjoyed and full of bliss!

    I find it so much easier to do cardio than to do strength. It takes a lot more effort for me to get myself to do weights

  5. Happy belated Birthday! What a great gift.

  6. How were the rings? Did you have a favorite?!?