Friday, April 22, 2011

A Short Spring Break

Cooper sporting his new red collar Mommy bought him today

Spring Break if finally here, after three days of teaching and 1 day of meetings it has arrived. Too bad it is just a four day weekend and not an entire week...ahh how I miss you collage days.

To kick off my break I had to get a Route Canal done :( Yes, I spent my morning strapped to a dentist chair while he drilled away for several hours. The other part of today was spent getting my hair highlighted, hitting up Target for some of my essentials, taking Cooper out for a walk, and making some yummy protein pancakes with a side of sliced green peppers with spicy mustard.

Protein Pancakes made with 1/4 cup oats, 1/2 cup egg whites, 1/2 cup Cottage Cheese and topped with strawberry jam!

Vitamin Water and 100 Calorie Almonds

Now I am relaxing on the couch and enjoying the evening, Craig has been super busy with planting season going on right now so I have the place to myself most evenings till late.

Workout Update: Wednesday/Friday workouts
Treadmill 2 mile runs at 11 minute mile pace
Warm up on elliptical for 10 minutes
Cool down on bike for 10 minutes
Light weight lifting (um ahem this should show you how out of shape my lower body is from lifting, I managed to do two sets of lunges using 8 pound dumbbells...wowser I am still sore today!)

I don't know what my deal has been this week, my body has been trying to fight off a bug of some sort. Tuesday I had a scratchy sore throat, went away Wednesday, and yesterday/today I have just felt icky. Not lay in bed flu like (considering I have still worked out), just not right. Craig has been sick with a horrible cold for the past two weeks, so I am not surprised that I picked up something. I am just a little irked, would like my energy to return before the big weekend and feel 100%!
Weekend Plans: Hitting up the cabin in Columbus for a nice Easter celebration with Craig's family. I am super excited for a good time with family and friends, wine, and just relaxing out by the lake with Cooper and Craig.
What are your Easter plans?

Do you ever eat breakfast for dinner?
Sometimes I tend to eat oatmeal three times a day, I love it!!

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  1. I have to work 7am-7pm on Easter Sunday, no big plans here.