Monday, April 11, 2011

Healing My Mind

Monday, ahh a new week another new start to recovery. To be honest, last week was a rough week for me, just really having a hard time dealing with my emotions, feeling fatigued after short workouts, etc. The more time goes on, the more accepting I am becoming for what has happened and that I am going to be okay. Life goes on. Last week I managed to go to the gym on Tuesday/Thursday and Saturday. Each time consisted of 30-40 minutes of light low impact bike riding and walking followed by short very light weight lifting. Each time I left, my legs were stiff and bloated and I felt fatigued. I have really had some time to think of what I want to do when my energy returns. Whatever it is I decide, if that being going back to running or focusing more on weight lifting (I have got one skinny flabby butt now lol) I know I can't go back full blown and continue to pound it out day after day. I am getting back into the groove of my life again. Reading before I go to bed instead of spending all my time on the internet looking at running websites, spending my mornings walking Cooper as well as my afternoons. Putting a little more effort into my schoolwork and of course spending more time with Craig in the evenings just vegging out on the couch instead of going to bed by 8:30 to wake up at 4:30am. I am slowly breaking away from this funk and starting to see that I can be happy with just who I am and not what I am defined as, that be a runner, a teacher, or just someone who likes to get out and stay active. Well I am off to finish watching Gossip Girl..... Todays Activity 15 minutes on the Elliptical Level 1 15 minutes on the bike 10 minutes on the Treadmill walking speed level 4 Light weights with chest and shoulders (15 minutes) A 20 minute walk with Cooper Sat on my butt the entire day trying to stay awake during a LONG meeting lol! Chels

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