Sunday, October 2, 2011

October Goals

Hello friends, can you believe it, October already!! Woke up today and these legs were KILLING ME! Not really sure what I did, I have been swimming the past two days but I did do some calf raises on a calf machine Friday at the gym and followed that with a day of walking trails with the kids for our field trip. Yesterday they were sore, but this morning I woke up and my calves hurt worse. So as much as I wanted to go on a long bike ride today, I took a rest day to massage and ice my calves.
Since it is the start of a new month, I thought why not add some goals to the month of October. So here goes!
1. Make at least one different dinner meal a week, just one other then my usual dinner of pita bread with cottage cheese and a salad with fish.
2. Depending on my Achilles (getting much better) I would like to try to get in a few runs at the distance of most two miles
3. Carve pumpkins..every year Craig and I buy the pumpkins with all attempts to carve them and it never happens, I am determined this year!!
4. Increase my swim laps by 5 each week. This week I hit 40 laps in 45 minutes! I am pretty impressed, it was taking me 55 minutes a month ago just to get in 36 laps.
5. Get my bike out for a bike ride before it turns cold...I had plans to do that today but soreness got in the way
6. Order wedding invitations, which means I have to get hotels finalized, rehearsal dinner planned, and wedding rehearsal times planned....
I think those are some good goals for start! I really want to be more specific with my running but it is so hard to gauge a certain mile number when you are recovering from an injury.
What are your October Goals??


  1. Great goals for October! My goals are to enjoy my first real fall--carving pumpkins, corn mazes and apple festivals! Plus to keep going with marathon training.

  2. These are fantastic goals for October... I cant wait to read how well you do with them :) This kind of relates to your first goal... I just want to continue trying something new each week. I don't want to get in a food rut

  3. These are great goals! I hope you complete them :)I had a similar food goal for last month and I think I made it work. Hmm I think I'll do an October goals post too! :)

  4. Oooh i like this running goal of yours :) I really hope your achilles feels better this month so you can fulfill that! I should also probably try to change up my meals. I always just go for the same quick and easy stuff that tastes good every time. but other things are just as quick and easy and delicious!

  5. good goals, it's good to write down your goals. mine are to run my first race and KILL it, to also carve awesome pumpkins /w my fam (but we do every year) and to make my dog a costume b/c he always gets left out.

    oh and to find a better job!

  6. I hope you feel better soon!! Great goals for the month! My goals are to finish my upcoming half with pride and the respect that it deserves, and to keep running.

  7. Fabulous goals, love it!

    I like how you're planning at least one new/real meal per week. That sounds like a great way to expand the menu, but in a realistic way. I may just try that system myself.

    And holy word, I would love to be able to swim 40 laps in 45 minutes, you are so strong!

  8. I love these goals! I would love to carve a pumpkin to!

    This october, I want to be able to run consistently, injury free. I want to make one out of the ordinary dinners once a week, and I want to plan time to read or journal more often.

    Great post by the way!

  9. Love your goals, looking you are very strong! Definitely you reach your goals, god bless you dear. Thanks for the creating and sharing this post!

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