Thursday, September 29, 2011

Happy B-Day Craigers!!

Okay well belated birthday, this cute man turned 29 yesterday! In honor of Craig's birthday here are 29 reasons why I love this man to death!
1. Family always comes first to him
2. He has his "own things" that he enjoys...hunting and football
3. He still continues to open the door for me everywhere we go
4. He will come down and help me carry my groceries when I need help
5. He listens to my sob stories of why I can't run right now and keeps his mouth shut
6. He has a close group of friends, but a large group, that I have gotten to know and love as well
7. He is 100% a small town country boy
8. About as man as you can get, you won't find him shopping on a Saturday but on the couch watching football with a beer in his hand
9. He is complete opposite of me when it comes to always having to be moving, which teaches me it is okay to relax
10. He calls on his way home from work to talk, even though he will be home to see me in minutes

11. He accepts that I don't like red meat
12. Always willing to try one of my new healthy creations I came up with
13. Kid at heart, still snacks on gold fish and a bowl of cereal at night
14. Saved a hurt baby chick outside my apartment when we first met, kept it in a box with a light until it grew to be okay
15. Will only get his haircut by one girl back home which is an hour and a half away16. Spent his time in Vegas on a bachelor party shopping for purses for me
17. Cried when he purposed to me
18. ALways remembers to kiss me good-bye every morning before I leave
19. Loves going on long drives with nowhere to go but just drive
20. Favorite movie is Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and he still watches it numerous times
21. Smart, graduated from college with not one but two degrees
22. Thinks before making any rash decisions, unlike me I just go with it
23. Has a rocking immune system, I swear the kid is never sick
24. Always gives advice, even when I don't want to hear it
25. Has managed to keep his mouth shut through this whole wedding process
26. Refuses to buy new shoes or clothes unless I pick them out
27. Always complements my butt, even though I think it is too big
28. Wonderful at cuddling
29. A great kisser :)
Well you made it through my list! A little cheesy I know, now tell me what you love about a significant other!!

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  1. Your list is super sweet! Now I want to blog a list!!! Haha.

    Get Up & Go