Thursday, September 1, 2011


3 Mile Run + p90x Arms and Shoulders workout = Miss Long falling asleep at her desk this morning. Okay, so technically the past two weeks I have ran only twice (once per week) each being between 10-15 minutes and forcing myself to stop due to little pains in my foot. I had a goal for 2 miles in mind. 2 felt pretty I went for three, by three I was whipped out. I feel a tiny bit guilty for over doing my goal just because I don't want to vamp millage up too fast and have my Achilles start to act up again.
I take full blame to these lovely gentlemen. I was doing great for stopping at mile two when Keith Urban's Long Hot Summer song played on the cardio tv. Ok, I can't say no to Keith so after he stops I will stop. Well....then came Jason and Dirt Road yeah talk about an endorphin high during a run along with feeling all hot and bothered lol...(Craig I hope you never read this!) Lucky for me, I would have probably went for four miles but a commercial came on and I took it as my sign to move on to weight lifting and give my tendon some stretching and rest.
Was I energized after my run! I felt like I could conquer the world and took on my 50 minute p90x workout and followed it up with another 20 minutes on the elliptical. Showered, got ready for work, sat down and BAM! The fatigue hit, hard core...I was whipped out. Now, yesterday was my rest day so I am thinking this overall fatigue was due to the fact that it has been over two months since I have ran this long of a distance at a 10min. mile pace (I know I am pokey lol) and the fact that I added another hour of working out on top of that. I think my body just got a very rude awakening.
I am very proud of my run this morning. It is funny, I have had this injury and at first I thought within a week I would be up and running again, WRONG! Over the last two months, I have slowly started to think that I would never really be able to fully run again. I mean yes, one or two miles at most, but never be able to get back up to my 10k. I have not been depressed over it, more accepting to looking into other forms of exercise and curing my endorphin need. But today, oh today it really made me smile. How easy my legs adjusted to the distance, and the fact that my legs could have probably took another mile...FANTASTIC! I am not one to put all my marbles in one basket. Over the past month or so I have really enjoyed branching out and doing things other then running. I have gotten back into weight lifting, have some guns now ;) Even started swimming. I am just estatic that running again can be a fourth of my workouts. I love have the endurance and capability to just lace up my shoes and decide I want to go for a six mile run and feel great!
Does working out ever just exhaust you?
What workout achievement have you conquered lately?


  1. Yay! Awesome that you're back at it! I sometimes get exhausted and when I find myself in that situation, I just rest! I have never been a fast, short distance runner, more of a slow and long distance runner. So a great achievement for me was yesterday - I ran a 5K in 23 minutes. I thought I could never do it but it felt amazing!

  2. This week? Just working out period has been an achievement, I have been exhausted which means no motivation! Sad but true. Hopefully I get some much needed rest this weekend!

  3. Congrats on your run and feeling fantastic! What a wonderful feeling that is :) Working out does exhaust me sometimes... and it's because I don't take enough rest days! So a workout accomplishment I have had recently was finally taking a day of rest

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