Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Confession Time

I am still amazed that tomorrow is already Wednesday...hump day and even better, kids are out of school of FRIDAY...no teaching for me. Sad, but sometimes I would rather sit through a meeting then have to teach.
Today's post is dedicated to a few of my confessions...I hope you enjoy!!
Confession #1 I eat in extreme volume! I would much rather have a HUGE protein shake at night rather then a small cup of yogurt for my nightly snack.
Confession #2 I go through several (I am talking like 4) tubs of protein powder a month, especially Muscle Gauge Cake Batter and Peanut Butter
Confession #3 I actually went to Borshiems and had pictures taken of the ring I wanted and had them emailed to Craig before he proposed, hey I had the ok from him :)
Confession #4 I sometimes put washing my hair off for a few days due to my love of an extra cardio burn at the gym
Confession #5 I have been known to eat whole boiled eggs and boiled egg whites as a snack in front of my kids at school and at meetings with co-workers, they think I am a little nutty
Confession #6 I watch WAY too much reality TV, I am talking Teen Mom, Jersey Shore, Brooke Knows Best, Real World, Bachelor Pad, The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, Real Housewives, etc.
Confession #7 I give my dog peanut butter in a spoon to sometimes keep him quiet when I eat my dinner
Confession #8 I replace all water with Propel Zero, Powerade Zero and Crystal Light...I am not so perfect
Confession #9 I still rock out to the Backstreet Boys and NSYNC on my burned cds in my car and at home from time to time
Confession #11 I still sometimes weigh my meat, I know it sounds ocd, but I never know how much is too much

Now tell me some of your confessions!!


  1. woah that is seriously so much protein powder haha it takes me forever to go through mine

    your ring is beautiful and my dog will not even eat peanut butter!

  2. i can relate to 6 of these.. so we ROCK

  3. I am a volume eater too!! I'm with you on the hair, fake sugar drinks, nsync, and weighing. i mean, I'd rather be hydrated then worry about splenda because quite honestly I will drink more flavored water than plain. I also weigh out cereal sometimes because I go overboard so easily!

  4. I still listen to Nsync and Backstreet boys and when they pop up on my iPod...well I get pretty darn excited :)
    I also drink sweetened drinks like that, no worries girl

  5. I really do love propel. Black cherry is my favorite flavor.

    And I really do like hardboiled egg whites!

  6. I would rather sit through meetings than teach!