Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Best and Worst of My Sunday

Worst of Sunday: Waking up and opening my door to find this little guy with a sad a face sitting in the living room...I think his belly was full of stuffing from a pillow he ripped into shreds
Worst Part of My Sunday: Cleaning up the stuffing that literally covered every inch of my apartment
Best part of my Sunday: Enjoying an awesome breakfast with oatbran, peanut flour, chocolate protein powder, yogurt and chopped apples...followed by an hour extreme cardio workout with ab exercises and enjoying peanut butter on top of rice cakes afterwords
Worst part of my Sunday: Feeling severe stiffness in my Achilles tendon after my workout, why did I decide to do so much jump roping and knee highs, I know better :(
Best part of my Sunday: Enjoying my new fav combo of egg whites and chopped apples sprinkled with Splenda and Cinnamon
Worst Part of my Sunday: Tracking my order of Protein powder that should have arrived at my place last Thursday but I have still yet to receive it, I am crossing my fingers my apartment complex is holding it or someone stole it from outside my door :(
The number 1 best part of my Sunday: My guy Craig returned from a weekend trip in Vegas this afternoon!! Three days without him was way too long.
What are some of the best/worst parts of your day today?
Do you find it hard to get on with your life when you significant other is out of town?


  1. My boyfriend just went back on shift. When he has his 4 nights in a row I get so lonely. The best part of my day was my frozen yogurt pit stop. The worst part was cleaning the bathroom I had been neglecting.

  2. Oh my gosh! The fuzz pic is hilarious! I can totally relate, my dog loves to eat and pull the stuffing out of all her toys!