Thursday, September 8, 2011

2 Thursday Tangents

Happy Thursday!! Okay this was at eight o'clock this morning when I had no kids and a good breakfast settled in my stomach.
Lunch today again was.....SAUSAGE, luckily it was my last one because I am starting to get a little tired of them. After my workout this morning (3 mile run/elliptical workout with some weight lifting) I felt a little out of it. I figured I needed to fuel myself a little bit more, so what does a girl do...drown herself in Powerade, yes I literally drank all three bottles today at work. I love this stuff!!
After work I was in no rush to get home because Craig is out of town, so I stopped by Target and picked up something for dinner...Turkey Meatballs. Yes, I can make my own meatballs and I have before, but come on pre-made ones are sooo much easier when you don't get home until 6pm.
The teacher in me also came across these cool little cursive practice books for only a buck. The kids can use dry erase markers to practice their cursive. Trust me, anything with a dry erase marker kids fall in love with.
Now for 2 fun tangents about me this Thursday.
1. I always eat my dinner on a TV Tray. Craig always laughs at me because I look like such a nerd eating off a tray, but it holds my entire meal perfectly...I promise when we get a house we will eat at the table...well sometimes.
2. I always have to have some carbonated drink with my meal. I know not the healthiest, but I do make sure it is diet and no caffeine. I just love having the carbonated taste with my dinner.
Well folks, we made it to Friday! I am pretty excited, tomorrow after school my Mom and I are going to check out my wedding dress that just came in!! I am going to try to sneak some photos in, for some reason they will not allow pictures.
Do you eat all your meals at a table or somewhere else watching tv?
What are some of your favorite items from Target?


  1. So I have a dining table and I still eat my meals on the tv tray in front of the tv on the couch lol
    I think it's just natural to watch tv while you eat lol doesn't everyone do it?!

  2. At home, I eat all my meals at the dinner table. Iffffff we had a Target, I'm sure I'd love loads of things! One day soon I'm sure!

  3. Love your cute blonde wavy hair, gorgeous!

    And I think it's cute how you use dinner trays, my boyfriend's family does that, I had never seen it before that.