Tuesday, September 27, 2011


This is what I have felt like doing all day today...AHHHHHHHH! I am stressed, no getting around it, eye twitching, head throbbing, stressed. Let me vent a little on why I am so stressed....
1. Just found out that on my wedding weekend there is State Wrestling being held as well as a president's volleyball tournament, which means every entire hotel is booked solid...5 months out!!! I spent my entire plan time at work calling hotels trying to book rooms for my guests and came to no luck. My only choice....the casinos which are a half hour away from my venue, last thing I had in mind :(
2. Was just notified that my venue for my reception will not accept my catering company that I have chosen after I have already met with them and picked out food. I had not a clue I had to choose from a preferred catering list.
3. I just had a new student enter my room less then 2 weeks ago, now they are leaving after I rearranged my classroom to fit an extra student (supplies, class lists)
4. Parent teacher conferences are already next week and I have nothing prepared because I have been spending my entire week so far making phone calls
5. My foot/ankle continues to stiffen throughout the day which only means more swimming, which my pool in my area is not fixed and the extra twenty minute drive a day is really starting to get annoying.
6. I have an stuffy nose with a sore throat :( I feel okay I am just sooo clogged up and I am thinking I am getting a sinus infection.
7. My car just started making funny noises in my engine, like I have extra cash to fix this one!
OKay if you made it this far in my post, I LOVE YOU :) Sometimes I just have to get a good whine in for the day when everything seems to be building up all at once. So what does a girl do when she is stressed.....
Of course hit the gym, even if that means another twenty minute drive
Look forward to the upcoming weekend and blow off some steam with a little girl time
Not going to happen, but taking a vacation to somewhere sunny and warm always helps
Turn to my two best men in the world and have them listen to my problems

Realize I have friends and an amazing Mother who will listen to my problems anytime
Finally, sometimes just getting outside and breathing in the fresh air really helps me destress

What do you turn to when you are feeling stressed??


  1. yoga, naps, tea, reading... all seems to help stress for me. :) more stress = more injury yoga is a good way to loosen up, too

    sorry to hear things are so crazy! :/

  2. Man, you are stressed! I have the eye twisthing going on from stress too! lol I have been sick and am just getting over a sinus cold. When I am stressed I usually go for a run or have a glass of wine lol Hope things get better!

  3. Girl I completely understand your stress! This was the worst day in a long long time! Hope yours gets better! Mine was made better by a quick run and a lovely dinner with my husband!

  4. Hang in there! You've got a lot going on!

    I love getting together with friends or family...that always helps me feel better! Or eating a big bowl of ice cream haha

  5. Can you switch venues??? that's what i'd do unless the deposit was too much to lose. I think it'd be easier to have the day of your dreams tossing the venue, then you could arrange closer accomodations and keep your caterer!

  6. Aw man you do have a lot going on! You deserve a break with the girls. When I'm stressed I like to exercise, bit that isn't always an option so I also paint my nails, do dishes, and fold laundry. Weird, but my mom appreciates it!