Sunday, September 4, 2011

Headaches and a Sunday

This weekend was filled to the brim with fun and friends. Friday (pic below) we met up with a few of Craig's friends for a birthday party. Saturday we high tailed it to Lincoln at 9:30 in the morning to start tailgating for the Husker game which kicked off at 2:30. Since we started out so early in the day, we made it through till about 7 at night and headed home exhausted and ready for bed. Hey, I only went through 6 beers the entire day, that and two subway six inch sandwiches and a huge chef salad! Sadly, this will probably be one of the very few weekends we will make it up to Lincoln to tailgate, our September and October months are swamped with wedding dates and social outings. I am okay with this, tailgating is something, anymore, that I can only do every one in a while.
This morning I was up by 7am and ready to go. I checked online for my local pool schedule because I was planning on swimming this morning and found that once again the pool was closed! I was bummed, but figured since I was going to church this morning, after the service I would head to another YMCA nearby to use their pool facility, I was determined to swim today! So Craig and I cleaned the apartment and headed to church around 10. Most of my meals were eaten on the go today. I refuse to spend excess money on food to go when I spend enormous amounts of money on my groceries at home.
This light snack was eaten shortly before leaving the house after my already big bowl of oats. I was a hungry girl this morning. Kashi Go Lean+yogurt+peanut flour+protein powder.

EAS protein shake and raisins after my failed attempt at a mile swim :(

Lunch was a yummy tuna and apple wrap and take a look at my cluttered front seat full of powerade, veggies and yogurt!

Can you tell I like my yogurt, I went through four cups today!

When I arrived at the gym this afternoon I was dying to jump in the pool and get my mile swim on. Well about twenty laps in, my head started to hurt. Minutes later my head was throbbing so bad I figured there would be no way I could finish my workout. I thought I might have my goggles on too tight or my swim cap. I got out of the pool and dried off. My headache lightened a little, so I did some cycling to finish off my light cardio workout today. After heading off from the gym, I did my usual Sunday errands and headed back home to a spectacular clean apartment (yes I have the best fiance, he lets me go get my gym groove on while he cleaned the apartment and took care of our puppy).

I am now lying in bed glued to my lab top with an even more throbbing head. I was so excited to enjoy the day as well as the night, and now it looks like I will be nursing myself all night :( I doubt that I am dehydrated, I went through 3 powerades today. I am crossing my fingers that I feel better tomorrow. I have an 8:30 spin class along with a date of either the zoo or golfing with the fiance!

Ever get headaches in the middle of a workout? What is the deal?

What food travels with you??


  1. I always packs snacks with me, but mostly bars/crackers/rice cakes, things that don't need refrigeration. Hope you feel better soon!

  2. awwww! my brother just moved to lincoln and was at the game this weekend. he LOVED it! super jealous...he said the stadium is amazing!

  3. I never go to visit anyone without (at least!) 5 or 6 bars in my purse... you never know what they are going to feed you, haha.

  4. So glad your tendon is doing better!!!! Recovering is definitely an accomplishment!

  5. I don't think i've ever gotten a terrible headache in the middle of a workout. That sounds awful! I've definitely had other issues that have stopped me midworkout though and it really sucks. I don't like feeling as though things have been left unfinished!