Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wedding and WIAW

This past weekend I went to a bridal show with some of my bridesmaids as well as my Mom. Finally, it being Wednesday I got around to posting pics. I was so happy I went, I booked my hair stylist for my engagement photos as well as for my wedding day and booked our florist. Above pictured are the awesome limos that I am considering renting. We will need two if we decide to go with a limo so we may have to go with a bus. Either way I am fine.Here are some photos of the flowers as well as the cakes that I just feel in love with. My colors are red, black and silver...I am thinking perfect for a February wedding.

With my cake, I am thinking on having cupcakes as well of all different flavors.

Okay, enough wedding talk. I can tell you one thing I am so SICK of wedding planning lol. Yes, it is fun but it seems every time I turn around I need an address, have to make a phone call, or have to go to another appointment. Keep in mind notifying my Mom to be and the bridesmaids on everything that is going wonder my eye has started to twitch again lol.
Since school has started back once again, that means Wednesdays are my official rest day. I hate it :( Yes, I could push myself to add in another work out on these days, but I know how my body will feel, EXHAUSTED! Teaching and working out 6-7 days a week sometimes can be too much for my body to handle. I wish I could be one of those insane endurance athletes who manage to fit hours of cardio in and work. I have to accept that is not me, and instead settle for a long walk with Cooper after work.
Lunch today was pita chips dipped in yogurt alongside broccoli, turkey, almonds, and a strawberry mixture. Really I just threw in what was in the fridge leftover and topped it with some raspberry dressing.
It has been a record, I have not had salmon in over a month! I have been neglecting it. After grilling some up with paprika (my new fav spice) I realized how much I had missed my salmon. Probably be stopping by the store again tomorrow after work to buy some more to grill. Yes, that is ketchup on fish!

Pumped for tomorrow's workout, I am attempting to get in a 2 mile run. I have been soooo happy with my tendon, I am now able to take Cooper on his walks with no pain at all, and barely any pain at the gym when working out. That does not mean that I am going to jump on the mill and attempt a five mile run this weekend, baby steps.
What is your fav kind of wedding cake?
What is your fav thing you ate this Wednesday??

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  1. Your wedding colors are perfect for a red velvet cake with cream cheese icing. Though I don't think red velvet is anything special... I don't understand why everyone loves that flavor so much!
    Best thing I ate today was a pluot. I had never had one before but I am officially a fan!