Friday, August 12, 2011

Eggy Friday

Today was our first day back at school, for teachers anyways. Students will not be coming until Wednesday. So I still have a few days in the classroom of peace, lol. I thought I would show you a few pics of my classroom all set up. I have yet to put name tags on the desks. I will admit, I am a little spoiled at this school. Our school opened only two years ago, so everything is brand spanking new.

Today consisted of a very LONG day of meetings. Afterwords I hit up Target for some last minute items for the kids and came across my fav pita chips, but in single serving size bags! I am such a stickler for single serve bags. Plus, only Target would have something as cool as this. These little tasty chips and thick and crunchy and only come in at 130 cals per serving. These will compliment my veggies and protein very nice for cold lunches next week.
Lately for dinner I have been on a HUGE egg kick. I think because I am becoming a perfectionist at making a runny egg. Comes out perfect, almost like a pancake..yum. I also added some orange cherry tomatoes in the mix.
Achilles still feeling pretty great! Having a foot injury really makes you thankful when you can walk normal again and get around a store in less than an hour. My legs are pretty stiff and sore from biking though. Crazy huh, I go a week and a half with just swimming and return to the elliptical and bike and my legs are sore worn out. Tomorrow I am heading to the pool to do some laps...and I don't even have to, I want too! I love the feel of a hard swim workout, it is perfect for my adrenaline needs. My plan is to hit up the treadmill for a walk/run next week..wish me luck!
What is your favorite memory of your first day of school when you were young?
Favorite single serve item?


  1. Hey thanks for visiting :) I LOVE your looks like a place that both interesting and focused! you sound like you are an amazing fitness junkie! I can't wait to be there!

    I can't remember any great first day of school memories, but I can remember the worst - when my class was in the portable. It was like learning in a dungeon!

    PS: is that you /w dark hair in your header photo?? if so AMAZING!!!

  2. I went to a primary school from K to Grade 3... every year on the first day they would post each teacher's class list on the outside of their door. You never knew who you'd have or what friends you'd be with until then and it was always so unverving!!

  3. I love single serving bags, and I love Stacy's pita chips. So i'm gonna be on the lookout for these!! I love the classroom pics... reminds me of back in the day. I miss elementary school!

  4. awesome classroom! It really makes me excited to have my own someday too :)