Sunday, August 7, 2011

Our Little Getaway

I have mentioned several times before that Craig and I have a cabin that we often visit on the weekends. It is located in Columbus NE, which is about 1 and a half hours away from where we live. When are lives slow down (which at times this can be hard to happen) we head to the cabin. Here are some pics of our little getaway.

It is located right by a lake called Wagner's Lake. Here are some reasons why I love having a cabin...
1. Even though it is just an hour away, it still feels like a mini vacation every time we go there
2. Cooper loves to play in the sand and run around the block (we usually can't let him run because we live in a cabin)
3. We get to visit friends that Craig grew up with that ended up staying in Columbus
4. Perfect place to grill out and have parties for Memorial Day and Labor Day
5. His parents are about 5 minutes away, so it is always a great meeting spot for dinner and drinks
6. Craig has a boat so we can do frequent boat rides
7. Last but not least, BONFIRES!!
This weekend things slowed down for us social wise and we were able to go to the cabin and relax. It felt wonderful, not only for me but also for my Achilles. I am happy to say that I only feel stiffness in my tendon when walking, the pain is gone. This does not mean that I am going to hope back on the treadmill tomorrow morning. I am going to give myself another week of swimming and some biking and might try the elliptical to see how it feels. I biked for about twenty minutes on Sat. with no pain at all. Even though the pain is barely noticeable, I am still icing and stretching like crazy. I really want to make sure it is healed before I start putting pressure on it again.
Oh yes, and I am proud to say that Saturday I swam my first entire mile!! It did take me about 45 minutes, but hey a mile in the pool is a mile more then I could do before!
Do you have a weekend getaway spot? Describe!!
What is something you are proud of accomplishing this week?


  1. Jealousssssss! We had a family cabin when I was growing up and I have the BEST memories of spending time there. Unfortunately they sold it an we moved to another province so that ended that... I'd love to have one again someday for my own family and kids.

    Congrats on your first mile-long swim! I'm so impressed!! Also proud of myself for making it through my first week of 1/2 marathon training without missing a single workout :-)

  2. Looks so nice and relaxing! Glad you got to have a little getaway, those are always the best! :)