Thursday, August 4, 2011

Swimmer's Eyes

Man googles can do some scary things to those eyes of mine! That and the swim cap lol. Started off my morning with a 25 lap swim. Okay, so I considered one side to the pool one lap, but it is both sides of the pool (50yards) that equal a lap. A mile is 35 yards, my goal was to get to this today, but my arms tuckered out on me after 40 minutes. Once I am able to use my other ankle to help kick, I bet it will be a little easier. Later on this afternoon I picked up a new swim suit at, Nike on clearance for 19 bucks! I have a two peice Nike one now that I have been wearing, but the neck tie kills my neck. I figured I might be spending more time in the pool, so I might as well make myself comfortable.
My ankle/heel seems to feel a little better today. I can almost walk 100% normal with no pain. Every once in a while I can fill a slight pull. I am still commiting to NO RUNNING until after next week. I might try to add in some elliptical work later on next week, depending on how it feels. I have noticed that the longer I am on my feet, it does start to get stiff. I have been a icing queen.
After my short shopping sphree , I found a quick cucumber salad recipe to make to use up all these loads of cucumbers we have in our fridge.
Slice 4 Large Cucumbers
Slice 1 medium onion
Put cucumbers/onion in medium sized bowl
Bring to a boil 3/4 cup splenda and 1 cup white vinegar
Pour over cucumbers/onions and top with 1 tablespoon dill
Ever since I was little I loved vinegar, so any recipe using vinegar in it will please me. My fav chips are salt and vinegar.
After making something healthy, I switched to the other side and made a batch of chocolate chip oatmeal cookies for the man and his boss...of course not homemade from the box :)
Sadly, tomorrow is my last official Friday of the summer. This time next week I will be heading to bed early for a return to work. I can't believe how fast the summer really went!!
What is your favorite healthy/non healthy combination of food?
I love greasy pizza with a big healthy salad full of fruit or even a chicken salad with a side of a Dairy Queen Blizzard!


  1. I've loved vinegar since I was a kid too! Salt and vinegar are definitely my favorite chip flavor :)

  2. Sending healing vibes your way!! I want you back on your feet and running ASAP because I know that's how I'd feel!

    I have lots of cucumbers from my best friends garden so I'll have to make that salad. I don't know what else to do with them besides eat them raw!

  3. Summer was so short for you!

    OH gosh that cucumber salad looks delicious.....

  4. My grandma used to make a very similar cucumber dish. Regular sugar and didn't boil the vinegar. Omg I love vinegar too. Salt n vinegar potato chips are my vice!

    Hope your ankle heals fast. Seems like you are doing all the right things to speed recovery.

  5. I love experimenting with salads and dressings, but I always seem to gravitate towards the unhealthiest ones... super high in calories, fat, artificial ingredients, you name it!

  6. Cute suit!

    I start school next week too. :(

  7. Yesterday I went out to eat and ordered a salad with a side of fries! BUT they were sweet potato fries and those are healthy right?! :)

  8. Hi Chels. I just saw your comment on my blog today(it was hiding in spam). If I could find a suit that cute, maybe I'd start swimming.