Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Blueberry Wednesday

Looks like this little bugger is back, yes folks summer has came to an end leaving me with one more day until I am officially back in the classroom. It is amazing how in one week, life picks up and gets crazy again. For the past three days here are 10 of my accomplishments:
1. Managed to get all my bulletin boards up in my classroom
2. Unstacked 25 chairs and desks, along with unpacking boxes of text books and carrying them to various classrooms for other teachers
3. Meet with 3 photographers for our wedding, made my final decision today
4. Had a serious conversation with Craig and we decided we did not want a year engagement, bumped the wedding up to this Feb.!!! I know 6 months!!
5. Met with a liquor vendor to get quotes for our reception
6. Researched and emailed 5 local bands for our reception
7. Knocked out two good swim workouts and managed to cycle 45 minutes today with a 10 minute trial on the elliptical-NO PAIN in the Achilles!!
8. Sent in final agreements for our reception and ceremony venue
9. Bridal shopping and was able to find two dresses I really love
10. Went from Target to Walmart at least six times to pick up random things needed for my classroom...
Phew, just writing that exhausted me. I am one sore, tired, girl! Yesterday was my first real day in my classroom, after a brutal swim workout that literally made me feel like I had not eaten in weeks, I managed to knock out four hours in my classroom hanging, moving, and lifting various things. Needless to say, I did not sleep much last night...between wedding planning and school starting my mind won't shut off. I am pretty sure I will sleep like a log tonight. Today, for some reason was all the about the blueberries...
Blueberries in oats, with yogurt, sf maple syrup and protein powder
Best combo ever, will be eating this the rest of the week! Blueberries, turkey roast, walnuts and almonds, cottage cheese and broccoli. I kind of just threw it all together and it was awesome!
Finally, some marinara sauce with tomatoes, roasted turkey and more veggies...
I have to say, I am very pleased the way my Achilles has been feeling lately. Monday it was still a little sore, but by Tuesday..the more I lifted and kept on my feet, the less it really hurt. Of course it ached a little last night, but I am now able to walk 100% free of being a gimp!! I am going to try to incorporate some walk/jogs next week. I know I have to be careful because form now on I will pretty much be on my feet all day, which puts even more pressure on the Achilles. Swimming has been rocking of course, but man it makes me HUNGRY! After my mile swim and lifting session on Tuesday, I was left feeling shaky and in extreme need of food!! This will be the only downfall of swimming, it kicks my low blood sugar in high gear :(
I am off to enjoy my last night of freedom!
Does swimming/excessive cardio make you famished, if so how to deal from not gaining too much weight?


  1. Congrats on bumping up the wedding and overcoming the achilles pain!! Both are super exciting!
    I get super hungry from swimming. I only swam laps a few times when I had to, but I found it so strange to feel so hungry even though I wasn't particularly sore and I wasn't drenched in sweat. It's a hard workout!

  2. I love that you bumped up your wedding... why weight? Usually after intense cardio, I'm not hungry for at least an hour, but then I'm STARVING!! I start by devouring stuff like air-popped popcorn or veggies, just to get my stomach to calm down... then I make a proper meal and only eat until I'm full.

  3. Thats so exciting that you moved the wedding up! Sounds like you are on top of all of the wedding plans! Im impressed. Good luck starting your new school year, hopefully all of your students will be perfect little angels :)