Monday, August 29, 2011

This post is dedicated to my one and only love cereal! Growing up I would eat endless amounts of cereal anytime of the day. Here are just a few of my childhood favorites:
Cinnamon Toast Crunch
Captain Crunch Peanut Butter
Captain Crunch Berries
Frosted Mini Wheat's
Raisin Bran Crunch
Rice Crispy Treats Cereal
Fruity Pebbles
Cocoa Pebbles
Apple Jacks
Apple Cinnamon Cheerios
Lucky Charms
Oreo O's
Reese's Puffs
I could list even more, I am not kidding when I say I was a cereal addict when I was young.
Now today, well sadly I have to watch a little bit more with what I put into my mouth and how much I put into my mouth, but I still am a cereal addict...I just limit it to a portion size. Here are some of my favs now...
Kashi Go Lean and Puffins Peanut Butter
Ezekiel Cinnamon Raisin and Ezekiel Whole Grain
How do I eat my cereal...well I would prefer it mixed in with yogurt, cottage cheese, pb, with my oats, with my protein powder or once in a while I might settle for almond milk.
Now let me ask you...what is something you ate as a kid that you just could not learn how to say no to? Do you still find it hard to say no to you favorite childhood food?


  1. I love Trix as a kid and still do. I buy them for the kids every once in awhile and shovel in a few mouthfuls!

  2. Apple Cinnamon Cheerios! Still love 'em, when I have 'em!

  3. That Kashi stuff is delicious and it's like a "super-food" too with all that protein/fiber/etc. Loves it.

  4. I love cereal! I am like you though, and prefer mixed with yogurt or cottage cheese instead of just milk. I think one of my childhood foods that I can not say no to is mac and cheese. Its my food weakness, just because it reminds me of being little!

  5. Strawberry gushers were my vice as a kid. Also mt dew. Now it is so easy to say no to those :)

  6. our childhood cereals v. "now" cereals look exactly the same ha! Except in 6th or 7th grade I ate honey bunches of oats everyday for a year. Couldn't get enough of those honey clusters I guess ;)

  7. Every now and again my bf or I will buy on of our favorite cereals (ex. Golden Grahams, Captain Crunch), but we don't do it very often. As much as I LOVE my favorite childhood cereals, it's really not worth buying them anymore because the box only lasts like 3 days... darn giant bowls! I don't eat cereal on a very regular basis, I'm more of an oatmeal kind of girl, but I like any kind of Cheerios and Wheaties primarily.