Friday, August 26, 2011

100th Post!!

Happy 100th post to my blog!!
I don't know about you guys but I am sooo glad it is Friday! Just a shame the weekends always tend to go by way too fast. Craig left tonight to head up to the cabin to get some work done, I opted out of the hour and a half drive and told him Cooper and I would meet him tomorrow afternoon...which means apartment to myself tonight...every once in a while I enjoy a night of just me :)
Here are some pretty fantastic things about my Friday.....
If you did not know already, Craig and I recently got engaged so we have been on the go registering for our wedding, booking appointments for a photographer, arranging details for the wedding, meeting with our pastor and the list goes on and on. On top of that, we are really looking into buying a house. This I am super pumped about. Cooper, Craig and I live in a small 3 bedroom apartment crammed full of furniture. Blair is a small town, so we are limited to where we have to move. Eventually we want to build out in the country, but for now we are looking for a house in town and we came across the one below! I am loving every part of it :)

The backyard is so big, enough for Cooper to run off all of his energy. I am crossing my fingers that this house might work out, but we have a little ways to go...getting approved for a loan is a start.
After a LONG day with the kids at work today, I felt like some good old comfort food...tomato soup. Since we have an endless supply of tomato soup, I sliced up some tomatoes, added a bouillon cube, added some spinach and onions and grounded them together to form a broth. Slopped it all in a bowl and topped it with some fresh cut mushrooms. Best ever! When I was a child tomato soup was my all time fav. Of course now that I am older I prefer it with more veggies.
Now for the best part of my Friday....hit the gym this morning and knocked out 15 minutes of running on the TM, a mile and a half baby. Hey don't knock me now, no ankle pain whatsoever. I will tell you this though, returning to running after almost two months, hard work. I am not going to go over the top just because I felt no pain. I did experience some stiffness today afterwords. My plan is to try for two runs next week instead of just one with a couple of minutes added on. Heck I have got a wedding in February and I want to be able to dance my butt off, no Achilles tendon problems needed!
Returning to running this morning really made me feel sane again. I just enjoy it so much. Also, I have been getting a little down, I feel a little pudgier then usual. I still have kept up all my workouts, but I don't think the elliptical/bike/swim burns nearly as much as running, but who knows. I always felt more leaner when I was running, and I would love to go back to that!
I am off to blog stalk then to bed a little early this Friday so I can hit up the gym before heading off for a weekend at the cabin with my two favorite guys!
Comfort food made healthy, what is your choice?
If you ever put running aside, did you gain a few pounds??


  1. That house looks fantastic! Crossing my fingers for you both!

  2. I put on a few pounds when I had to stop running due to achy knees for a week-its true-running makes ya skinny! glad you're back at it!