Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Crazy Little Things

A good portion of my Saturday morning was spent here at the gym for a nice ellitpical workout followed by p90x Back and Biceps workout. I love the equipment at my gym, it is all fairly brand new, and all the cardio machines have tvs attached to them to make the time fly by.
Here are some of my random here and there eats from the weekend
Kashi Go Lean mixed with pb and protein powder and baked in the oven to form cookies. I then freeze them and I swear they taste like a rice crispy treat!
Turkey, almond, blueberry salad with raspberry dressing
A quick stop at Trader Joe's to pick up peppers that were on sale, chip dip, enchillada sauce along with a bottle of wine I enjoyed Saturday night with the girls
A stir fry mixture of chicken, peppers, broccoli, mushrooms and TJ's enchillda sauce
A bowl of chocolate oats with blueberries and pb somewhere in there to start my lazy Sunday off
A tasty egg omelete drenched with ketchup
Cereal covered by peanut flour dough balls and greek yogurt topped with sugar free chocoalte syrup
This weekend flew by, of course like it always does. Saturday was spent catching up on running errands and hanging out with the girls and today I managed to knock out a mile swim and now I am sitting on my bed eating jello and grading papers, ahhh the life I love lol!
Random thought...but do ever experience things in life that just make you go a little crazy...I mean you are in a rush to get from point a to point b and little things pop up that just get in your way and make you go grrrr! Well that was today...
After my gym workout I was off to go and pick up breakfast for my guy (yes because I don't cook and would rather order something for him) and I was driving down our little main street going with the flow of traffic and before I knew it sirens were on and I was being pulled over...really??
Yes I got a ticket for going 7mph over the speed limit...PATHETIC!
So after ranting to myself in the car about my darn ticket I pull up to pick up Craig's food and turns out they ran out of hashbrowns and it would be a 15 minute wait until they were ready. So my starving self sat in the car and waiting until they were done.
Finally ready to just get home I pull out of the parking lot and turn the corner only to be stopped by our town's longest train! Enter another 15 minutes of me sitting in the car twiddling my thumbs. I did arrive home with a frumpy look and a foul mood. I explained my morning to Criag and he gave me a hug. From that hug, I turned my frump upside down and enjoyed the rest of my day with a smile on my face. With that.....
do you let the little crazy things in your life put you in a foul mood?
What workouts did you do this weekend?


  1. Ticket for 7mph over? That is just plain ridiculous, so sorry girl.

    Those rice-krispy-like treats sound delicious!

  2. Please share how exactly you make those kashi go lean cookies. I need them in my life!! I actually love frozen baked goods so this is seriously right up my alley.

  3. That ticket is pretty dumb. A lot of cops just have nothing better to do, honestly. Sorry to hear you had to run in to one of them.

    I went on a 35 mi bike ride this weekend and did an ab workout :)

    oh and I feel you on the trains... they last forever and are super loud. I was knocked over by the wind from one on my bike one time lolol

  4. New follower!!! I'm totally going to try those frozen kashi cookies!!! YUM!

  5. What a bummer about the ticket--and for 7 miles over?!
    Your weekend eats look delicious as always!

  6. I would petition that ticket!! There is a huge margin of error with speed measures (whatever they are called) so I think it'd be worth it!

  7. Dang...I didn't think they would ticket for going over by 7 miles! Craziness! I usually go 5-7 over..maybe not any more!

    Your gym looks awesome!

  8. 7 mph over? Brutal!! I'd have a hard time putting that behind me so I'm impressed.

    My best workout this weekend was an 8 mile run.. hopefully to be repeated next weekend!