Saturday, October 22, 2011

Enjoying Fall

Today was a great day! Instead of the usual Saturday football tailgating, I enjoyed the afternoon going to a local apple orchard with the girls. The orchard had lots of tasty treats. I picked up some blackberry jam and of course a big bag of apples, yum! Craig enjoyed several the minute I got home.

After the apple orchard I decided to hit the pool for some laps, and I was surprised how well my workout went. I was a little tired all morning, Craig and I had a birthday party last night and I did not make it to bed until after mid-night. So, my workout for the morning was pushed to the afternoon. I completed a mile swim free style then followed it up with about 10 more laps using a kick board and doing the frog motion with my legs. Man this really worked out my legs! I came home and crashed. Yesterday I woke up with a cold some sinus issues and it is still taking a toll on me.
Tonight Craig and I called for a night in, what a perfect time to carve pumpkins...and we did! Mine is on the right. Craig got creative with his design.
What was your Saturday workout?
What do you do to celebrate fall?


  1. Oh I'm so jealous of your fall celebrations!! I haven't gone apple picking or pumpkin picking yet this year. I'm so excited to carve them though! I also like to celebrate fall by going to Fright Fest at Six Flags. It's so much fun to get all dressed up and ride roller coasters.

  2. YAY I love pumpkins and craving them I can't wait!!!! I did a short 2 mile run /w the dog tonight and a brisk 40 minute walk...nothing too crazy. I have to get up early for my long run tomorrow.

  3. How cool that you carved pumpkins! I am always so bad, I have to have someone draw something on them or else I just end up with something hideous. Saturday workout was 20 mile run!

  4. I went to the orchard yesterday! Somehow I came home with now apples, but I did get pumpkins, an apple pie, some wine and flavored sun flower seeds... I guess the apples will have to wait until later lol

  5. I haven't been to an apple orchard yet this fall!! Maybe I'll go today!!!

  6. Yay for apple picking! It is in fact my favorite fall activity :) Besides pumpkin carving that is.. but that can get pretty darn messy ha
    My workout was a great strength training and cardio circuit, I am feeling it today!