Thursday, October 6, 2011

Back to Regular Work Days

Finally my life is back to normal after this hectic week. Literally, I have been cooped up in my classroom for two straight 14 hour days, parent teacher conferences!! I am telling you, fourteen hour days really make you appreciate your eight hour days.
After an exhausting day I did manage to knock out a different type of dinner. Enter the mushroom portabella. This thing was HUGE and filled with garlic, a little too much, but I managed to eat the entire thing.
After doing some blog stalking tonight, I realized everyone seems to have Eggs on their mind...enter ahem Running World magazine. Ironically, what did I have for dinner...a runny egg! Lunch was egg beaters :) Nothing is better then ketchup and eggs!!
Today I received an email from my local YMCA stating the updates on the pool, they are hoping it will open next week!! FINALLY, no more driving an half hour out of my way to use a pool. Awesome because I am really starting to enjoy my swim workouts.
Tonight after work/dinner I enjoyed reading my Running Times magazine that appeared in my mailbox today. I read through the Editor's note and I found it very interesting. The editor spoke of injury and our insane driven love for running. I too have told people about my Achilles issues, and I get responses such as "man good luck with that because you are always running," or "what are you going to do with yourself now?" Lucky for me my outlet has been swimming, lifting weights and biking. I will be honest though, after about three weeks of no running at all, that dang treadmill is looking pretty inviting. I don't know what it is about it, but nothing can take the place of a good run. I am happy to say that my Achilles is much, much better. I was able to do a 55 min. workout of elliptical/bike with no pain at all. I told myself that I am going to wait the rest of the week out (due to extreme calf pain from the calf machine...grrrr) and give it a go next week...but just one mile every other pushing too much too soon.
I guess you can say everyone has their vices, and mine is running or exercise. With a vice, everyone has to learn balance. Balance, well it is sooo hard for me. I have to come to terms with the truth of the matter which is that rest allows me to become better. Working out excessively is not going to make me look rip or buff, it will not allow me to become faster or stronger, but will only tire me out and leave me exhausted. So legs, I know you want to run so bad right now, but rest is what you need!
How do you feel about rest?


  1. I'm so proud of you for taking a great approach to dealing with your calf pain. It is so so important to take care of yourself during a healing process..which means giving yourself adequate rest days. I guess I could say we're in the same boat, since I'm suffering from a bit of foot pain and have had to cross train way more than normal. Gosh, I want to run far and fast so bad. But I know that in order to recover even stronger, It's important to give my body a rest. You won't lose your fitness or your love to run by taking this week easy..keep up the good work! Get better soon!

  2. Eggs and ketchup are my favorite:) I totally feel u about missing running. I was the same way with biking after I broke my collar bone.

  3. I feel the same way about rest as you do! I know that I need it, but I get so antsy and just want to run!

    I am impressed that you still managed to cook dinner after working a 14 hour day!! HOW do you do that?! haha

  4. Yay! Thanks for the comment on my blog!! When are you getting married?! Best time of your life!! :)

  5. Oh no! I hope you feel better! Injuries are defiantly not fun and difficult to deal with. I'm so bad at taking rest days because I find that my body just wants to move, but I've been getting better at taking them today ;) Phew, good thing it's Friday after all those long days at work!

  6. I agree-- rest is a challenge for me too. Running is helpful physically, but also very helpful mentally so I just feel "off" if I don't get in some good exercise.

    Have a great weekend!

  7. Rest is mandatory. Just do it. Go to a dr. And listen. I'm in the middle of this with a stress fracture and I know if I don't listen, I'll just jump back in too soon and start the whole cycle over.

    Eggs are sooooo good! :D