Monday, October 24, 2011

Dragging Monday

Bleck it is Monday and I am d-r-a-g-g-i-n-g. I caught the sniffles on Friday, and I think my body is still trying to fight off the rest of my cold. This week is Red Ribbon week, aka say no to drugs week at school, so everyday the kids dress up as something. For example tomorrow is dress as your favorite super hero to fight off drugs. Fun, yes...but anything that distracts kids from learning and gets them excited means complete hysterics.
Sunday, I did something pretty amazing...I ran for 5 minutes! Yup 5 minutes of pure bliss :) I got to thinking that I probably could have ran more and skimped on my elliptical workout, but I am taking this running slow. My plan is to swim tomorrow, Wednesday rest day, and shoot for a mile run on Thursday...I have my second pt appointment tomorrow so I will see what my doc thinks. I am surprised how much the stretches my pt has given me have really helped me. My ankle still twinges here and there, but no more stiffness!!
Lately it seems as if I have had Greek Yogurt coming out of my ears. I have been eating it for breakfast, snacks and lunch with pita bread. I can't get enough of it.
Dinner tonight was yummy turkey tenders with pasta sauce mixed in with some Miracle Noodles. I love Mircle Noodles because I don't waste my carbs on the noodles and can still have pita bread or crackers or whatever other carb I choose.
I discovered these cute little serving size cups of Kashi Go Lean at the store today. You would think I would be smart enough to not buy these considering I have already two boxes of Kashi Go Lean in my apartment, but they are already serving sized out...I am such a sucker!!
So my wonderful pumpkin that I was so proud of, well I came home tonight and had found that apparently Cooper thought that it looked pretty tasty. Now it is headless. For reals?? I swear, I have quite the unique creature of a dog. He has managed to not only dig holes in our carpet, he has also torn up my bed sheets, Craig's Grandma's quilt and dug into some dry wall. Literally he is eating us out of a home!
What is your favorite snack/food right now that is coming out of your ears?


  1. Hhaha there could be worse things... greek yogurt is so so good and amazing for you! I have candy corn coming out of my ears (as you read!) ughhh, but it's so good at the same time

  2. Awwww Cooper!!! How old is he? I remember crying after the first day of getting my dog - he'd ripped up everything in the loungeroom, including ripping the cushions off the lounge!! Gah! But, once he got out of the phase - he's over 2 years now - he has been a pleasure! Hope Cooper is still a pleasure!! :) But pumpkin!? Really! haha

  3. Hope you are feeling better!! Right now I can't get enough of apples and apple cider!

  4. Love the pumpkin!!

  5. Congrats on your run!!! That's so exciting. Nothing feels better than getting back into running after having to take so much time off. I LOVE kashi go lean, and those single serve cups are the best for traveling!

  6. I've been eating apples, greek yogurt and drinking peppermint tea like its going out of style!