Tuesday, October 18, 2011

X Rays Back

Once again my love for cottage cheese has found its way to my heart in snack size containers. I don't know what it is about them, but I am sucker for the snack size. I probably spend twice as much half the time, just because it is already portioned out for me.
What a busy day!! Woke up and did some swimming, I am happy to say the rib is healing quite nice. It still gets a little stiff and sore near the end of my workout, and I have stayed clear of the weight room for now. After school, I finally went to the doctors to get my foot issue looked at. Can you believe that I waited till now and I have been having problems since July?? I think it was me just self diagnosing myself that got me through the last few months. Well the X Ray showed nothing! Yup pretty much nothing. I know, I should be happy, but a part of me was a little upset. What is causing this dang foot pain then? Is it all in my head?? The doctor prescribed me with Achilles tendinitis based from my symptoms...which makes sense considering it comes and goes. So she did refer me to a Sports Physical Therapist, which I was pleased with. I have my first appointment with them on Thursday. If things do not clear up within a month to six weeks of treatment, then a MRI it is. I am happy that it looks as if nothing is too serious, I just wish there was a quick fix for it and there is not. Yes, I probably could just entirely stay away from the gym for the next year or so and see what would happen, but I am not even sure that would help it.
Enough about injuries. I thought I would show you a few pics of what is laying around my classroom lately. This week students are taking HUGE assessments all day long. I actually feel horrible for them having to sit at their desk all day long. So in order to keep them a little excited, operation snack. Students love these Gold Fish Crackers and Kool Aid Jammers.
Check out my cool candy drawer that students are able to choose from for good behavior
Finally...my stash of gum and nuts in my side drawer...although I need to toss the gum, having so much around me is bad!
On a side note my good friend Britt (on the left) is moving to Ohio :( This really bums me out. I know we all move, grow up, and live our lives...but sometimes you just don't feel as if you are ready to say good-bye yet.
What was your favorite childhood snack?
Any ideas how to tone your legs with swimming? The lack of weight lifting has left my legs looking a little mushy.


  1. you are so sweet to have all those snacks for your students!!! i really have just always loved the snack sized bags of chips! haha! sooo yummy. especially bbq.

    its so tough when friends move away or you have to move away from them. i can totally relate to that feeling! i hope you all will stay close!

    also hoping that the PT will help this foot pain of yours! glad to hear that it is nothing "too" serious!!

  2. gah you should have the MRI before seeing the physical therapist, that way if there is damage they aren't exacerbating it by the therapy :x

    tone leg with swimming? Use a kickboard... a lot! Try aqua jogging, too :)

  3. I LOVE cottage cheese. it's my favourite post workout snack. YUM I eat it plain right out of the container. yum. I feel like you need an MRI also!

  4. That snack drawer is awesome!! Lucky students!

    My favorite childhood snack was graham crackers with icing!! :)