Thursday, October 20, 2011

First Appointment

Yes you have to love my fresh out of the pool look! This morning workout kicked my butt, literally! I jumped in the pool and completed a mile swim followed by a few strokes of breaststroke and pool running. Mostly when I have been swimming I just try to stick to free style, but I am starting to become a little more open minded and getting into different strokes to tone different parts of my body. I felt great through my weight lifting session that followed, but seconds after I arrived at school...chomped down my oats...I was EXHAUSTED. My arms felt like jello, I had to physically force myself to write the schedule on the board for the kids this morning.
This afternoon, I came to the conclusion that I might be running low on fluids. How did I come to that conclusion?? Well, my pee was bright and I mean bright yellow. I know gross, but that is usually how I gauge weather I am either sick or dehydrated. Usually my pee is almost white. So I have been guzzling fluids to lighten up that pee a little.
Today was my first Physical Therapy session. I really like the young gal that I am working with. I am glad they did not set me up with a man...I always feel a little off working one on one with the other sex. Of course, I was still embarrassed when my doc took off my shoes and had to touch my yucky feet. My toe nail polish is chipping off and I have nasty little hairs growing on my big toes, yuck! Anyways, she said that from the evaluation it looks as if my foot probably just went through some kind of strain and is weak right now and needs to be strengthened up again, hence the reason why it stiffens up whenever I start to exercise. So we went through about six different exercises and she printed them off for me and I have to do them twice a day. Some of these exercises are calf raises (not new), toe raises, writing the alphabet with my toes, ankle rotations, and standing wall presses. I will be the first to admit I am HORRIBLE at stretching, probably why I got myself into this to begin with. So it will be some work for me, but I am going to do this. I am just so eager to get back on the treadmill.
Anyone ever pool run before? I have been reading a lot about it on Runners World. It seems almost comparable to running and many have said they come back stronger as a runner when they start running again. Do you think your body gets as great as a workout?
Friday tomorrow, WAHOO!!


  1. YES. Pool run. I responded to your comment about it. If you have any questions, feel free to email me!! I'm not the biggest fan of swimming, so it worked great for me. I hope you heal up quick and don't have to swim or pool run for much longer!

  2. I was feeling the same about my fluids today too! I think its worse when I workout in the morning. I start the day off a bit on the dehydrated side. I remember I used to do pool runs in high school for soccer training. My favorite was when we would all run in a circle and then suddenly switch directions. It was killer.

  3. I went swimming today and thought of you!

  4. Good luck with physical therapy! Glad to hear that you have exercises to do, at least it's nothing structural it seems like. I bet just doing the PT exercises and stretching will help a lot.

    I tried pool running as part of my rehab, it didn't seem to go very well for me. I think it was because my legs just weren't used to the motion of running, so my legs got agitated from it. Now I'm back to running regularly on land.