Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Jeez Really??

Like the ice pack I swiped from the school nurse today, lol. Okay well it is not for my Achilles. In fact, my Achilles has really started to feel better..must be all the swimming I have taken up. On the other hand, when one thing clears up the other thing sprouts up. So about two weeks ago I noticed some slight pain in my right oblique. I am pretty sure I just pulled it a little using this new ab rotating machine at the gym and possibly swimming and my body not being so used to it yet. Well the past week the slight pain subsided and was only apparent if I touched my side deeply. Enter Monday at the gym, continued with some ab work and had a 15 pound dumbell in my hand and was doing some side raises when all of a sudden POP!! Followed by pain. Not cool!! As the day continued, the pain continued. Of course I was fine walking, but any turn or twist, cough or even sitting against my side indicated pain. I was sad, upset, and mad that I had decided to take that stupid 15 pound weight when my side has been sore.
Today I awoke, of course took a rest day due to the pain, and headed to work to google my hands off on all the symptoms of a torn stomach muscle. I figured I was getting nowhere fast and made a doc appointment. The pain today was not as bad, I noticed right when I woke up it hurt, but once I started moving around for the day, the pain subsided more. After work I headed to the doc and they did some xrays. Conclusion...I strained my rib. She told me the x-ray looked good because it showed no fracture.
Most of all, I was happy to hear that I can still workout. She told me swimming would continue to help it. I have a hard time believing this, but she did tell me that swimming would help move the muscle and keep it warmed up. So YES I am happy. Although, I plan on keeping away from the pool till Friday, I think I am going to stick with the bike and the elliptical with no moving arms for the next few days. Crazy, I am not really sure how such an injury would happen but it did.
Aside from seeming to become injured in so many ways, I have been busy at work with wedding planning. Take a look at our lists. Yes, we have over 400 guests!! I am excited to say that in about 4 months we will be getting married. I still can't believe it!!
Lately, I have been LOVING cottage cheese. I am talking LOVING IT!! I have been mixing it with my cereal, oats, spaghetti squash, and veggies..YUM!!

Well I am off for the night to get prepared for tomorrow, workout/work/ordering invitations!!
Have you ever had a crazy injury that you really can't explain how it happened?
What is one food that you are crazy loving right now??


  1. Just about every injury I've had is unexplainable... except for the fact that I run. That's pretty much the explanation! I'm glad you can still exercise and it's starting to feel better though.
    I am all over the kabocha squash right now. It's amazing.

  2. Sometimes these things happen to me as well - hope you heal up pretty quickly!

  3. Hopefully you heal up in no time! :)
    Your wedding is coming up quickly!! Yay! :)

  4. My one and only injury was when I had a stress fracture in my pelvis last year, it was miserable! Thankfully it hasn't bothered me at all this year though.

  5. Oh man that's pretty scary! I'm glad that you are okay and can still workout!

  6. CHELS! I cant believe I have been missing your posts!?! when i saw your comment last night i was wondering where you had been thinking you hadn't posted in a while and so then i checked my google reader and you like disappeared from there! NOT COOL BLOGGER! i am so sorry that I have been MIA from your comment section! and i hate to hear that you are having pain...hope that it heals quickly friend!

    I am always always loving craisins. seriously my favorite thing ever! haha!

    hope you are doing well!

  7. I get weird ab pains like that sometimes too but always just ignored them!! Food I'm loving right now - guacamole! Hmm and Larabars. Not together obviously, but both equally tasty :)

  8. mmmm I LOVE cottage cheese, I went through a phase were I would eat it almost every single day for breakfast! Its one of my favorite foods, for sure!

    Hope your injury heels up soon! I know thats gotta be so frustrating!