Friday, October 7, 2011

A Nice Day Off

This is exactly the reason why the YMCA in my town needs to get their pool fixed ASAP, because I am going broke stopping every morning at the Scooter's right next to the pool! Today I had the day off, well worked from the past 14 hour days I put in. It was so nice to catch up on errands, make some yummy food and get a good swim in.
Lots of good food today! I am loving the combo of peanut butter, turkey and jelly on a wrap. Don't knock it till you try it.
Fresh garden green beans picked by my fiance :)
Mid Day adventures, shopping for my flower girl dress. We came across one that I feel in love with. 190 bucks! Can you believe that?? This little thing is more expensive then my bridesmaids dresses. My cousin is in the wedding, and I am having her five year old daughter as the flower girl. My Dad has offered to pay for the cost. He thinks it is not right for them to have to spend extra on the dress. I know this will make her very happy :)
More food combinations to fuel my shopping...egg beaters and a huge salad with apples, turkey meat and chopped broccoli.
Don't forget the garlic cheese bread made out of pita bread and baked!
Finally, some yummy buttered popcorn rice cakes. I used to eat these things all the time, forgot how good they were. Only problem is they do not feel you up at all and I end up eating too many of them at once. It is like air in your tummy.
So if you were to ask me what I did today it would be workout, eat, shop, eat, blog, and eat. Pretty much a success of a day if you ask me. I will probably get to bed a little early tonight...HUSKER football tailgating all day tomorrow...but first will be a good swim!
Happy Friday!!


  1. Well, MOST of your food pictures make me feel very hungry! I will try to not knock the peanut butter, jelly, turkey wraps... but I can honestly say that I may never be able to get myself to try it ;).

  2. Loving the peanut butter, jelly and turkey combo! Soo good! :) I thought I was the only one that loved that combo..glad im not! :)

  3. Sounds like a great day to me!

    Turkey, peanut butter, and jelly? Hmm. Maybe I'll give it a try?