Thursday, March 31, 2011

Operation Rest!

It seems as if I always over out do myself whenever I am on a mission, why is that? I have yet to find out. So this past Monday I completed a 6 mile run and felt okay. No blood sugar issues whatsoever. Well come Tuesday, I attemped a 2 mile run along with 40 min cross training on elliptical. After my workout (and drinking a full glass of chocolate milk with protien, followed by a bowl of oats with strawberries and yogert) I felt completly drained and beat. I continued to have blood sugar issues throughout the morning. Wednesday I took my usual day of rest and felt a little drained upon waking up this morning but decided on some light cross training. Still not up to par. My legs feel tired, stiff and very bloated (not sore though). After my light workout, I felt drained again and could tell that my sugar levels were not stable. I now what my body is telling me, REST! You are overtrained! Yes, I know I want to listen...NO. I am forcing myself to listen, where as if I continue to work out upon this I know from past experience I am going to dig myself in a bigger much deeper hole. My blood sugar issues will continue to get worse and instead of taking a week off, I might have to take a month or two off. Will I be ready for this 10k come mid May, well I am not trying to think about. How upset I am over this whole ordeal I have to come to terms with how obbessive I have become with running again. It is so easy for it to just take control of my life. When it becomes my focus in everything I do and think about, it becomes to much for my body to handle. Yes, I am upset. I hate dealing with the anxiety of breaking my routine of working out in the mornings, the anxiety of eating just as much and not training and fear of the weight gain (when I know my body needs the nutrients). I love working out/running, but sometimes I think I want my body to do things that it is not capable of or just quite not ready to perform. So this next week will be one brutal challange, no working out. Ick, it will be a long week and I pray that in one week when I jump back into gear my body will feel well rested and ready to start back SLOWLY. Questions: Do any of you deal with becoming obbessive over exercise? Do you get anxiety if you miss a workout?

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  1. Yes!! I get anxiety SO bad when I miss workouts and I also get in a terrible mood. I push myself WAY too hard and I bet you do too! It's hard to find a balance. If you have hints for finding balance let me know!!!